Friday, April 17, 2015

My "Meredith Shawl" TaDa

Good Friday morning to you!   I finished my "Meredith Shawl" recently.   I call it my "Meredith Shawl" because I saw the pattern for it on my friend Meredith's blog.  I have continued in my quest to become a real knitter.  I have completed a couple of decent projects now, and am enjoying it very much.
This is just straight knitting.  You add two stitches every row, until you get to the size you desire.  I put a crochet trim on it.  Now I am wishing I had made that trim a little bit longer.
I enjoyed making this from the first stitch to the last.  There is something so comforting about having a soft 
heap of yarn on your lap.
We took a long car drive a couple of weeks ago to attend our niece's wedding up in San Luis Obispo.  I was glad that I was able to finish the shawl on this trip, as I wanted to gift it to a dear friend of mine that I would be retiring with her husband, and moving to a small village in Mexico for an adventure of a life time.
I actually enjoyed making this so much, that I am thinking about making another one.  I had to borrow a friend's 40" cable for my circulars to make this.  So I need to buy one of those first.
I know I have been very sporadic at blogging.  I feel badly about that.  I have been very busy, but am also having some computer issues that make it kind of hard to do a blog post right now.
Over Spring break, I let Noah have a few friends over for a Skylander party.  He was so excited!  The boys were all perfectly behaved!  They each brought their own collection of Skylander figures, and spent the entire
three hours playing their game on Wii.
It was the cutest thing to watch for this Grandma!  He has chosen such nice friends.
They took a short break of cookies and Capri Suns to recharge their powers, and then straight back to their game.
While two boys were taking their turn with the controls, the others played so nicely with their Skylander guys spread out all over the place.  I think I had a smile on my face the entire time.
I was so glad that I got a photo of all of the boys together.  It was a fun afternoon for Noah, and for me!
I had the girls over one day on Spring Break to make Easter cookies.  I only got a photo of Clairey though, as  Hannah was more interested in watching Noah play Skylander!  I know...I was shocked!
I also recently celebrated a sort of big birthday!  My husband sent me the most beautiful roses.  They got prettier every day.
I am now an official SENIOR!  GAH!  So now when my Mom wants to drive through McDonald's after an afternoon of our shenanigans for a "senior cup of coffee", I can also get one for myself.  I admit, I used to refuse to place the order!  But it's not so bad.  Come on Mom, let's go get coffee!!!!
I got such thoughtful gifts from my children.  Genny and Jake got me a diffuser for essential oils.  And oh how I love it!
Erika got me a gift card to Lowe's.  Which is still burning a hole in my wallet!
Drew got me the prettiest outdoor pillow.  He knows how much I love birds!
His darling girlfriend Christine, got me some much needed gardening supplies.
She didn't get me the jar of dog bones!  That is Dusty's supply.  He makes a mess with them, so he has to have these outside.
With birthday money from my Mom, I got myself a new chaise lounge for the patio.
Time to wrap this up.  I have a busy day ahead.  We are leaving at 4:00 tomorrow morning for a mini vacation to New Orleans.  Mom's Christmas gift to all of us.  Mom and all of my brothers, and spouses.  We went a few years ago, and had the best time.  I will also be meeting up with my friend Teresa who is already there on a vacation with her daughter and sisters!!!!
Catch you later!!!  Be Sweet!
XO  Kris

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thrift & Shout

I have been out thrifting a couple of times lately.  There is a new place near me that has some pretty good deals.  Nothing big, just a few things here and there.  Been looking for a plaid thermos in good shape for a long time.  We will use this on the boat for sure!!  It is in perfect shape, right down to the screw on drinking mug on top.
A roll of cute cherry paper.
I always keep my eyes peeled for Tupperware.  Newer pieces are hard to find, but I love the vintage too.  In fact, in some cases, better.  But I spied these newer pieces the other day, for a song.  They went straight into my buggy.
I also saw these two cute Bunnies.  Not a chip on them.  I love their flower garlands around the necks.
A new oscillating fan for my sewing room.  I took it all apart, cleaned it piece by piece, then reassembled it.  Good as new.  Quiet as a whisper.
I love baskets.  Especially market style totes with handles, and trugs.  I found one with a cute gingham lining, and one that is picnic style.

I love Vera Bradley.  I have several of her purses that I use often.  I have makeup bags and totes, and they are all so nicely made, and wash well.  They last forever. If you are a fan, you know that they are all quilted pieces too.  I saw this cute little wallet with a .99c price tag and tossed it right into my buggy.  Bonus, it is RED!
I washed it and pegged it out on the line to dry.  It is just like new.  I like to pop a small wallet like this in my market basket when I run to Farmer's Market, or thrifting, etc.  Sometimes I just don't want to carry my purse, but need my ID, money and cards.
When I first began to thrift a lot, I looked at clothing for one reason.  For my sewing and crafting needs.  I used to buy a garment for their unusual buttons, then when I got home, I would cut all of the buttons off for future use, and toss the garment.  Some of the fabric I would repurpose.  I bought bought wool coats, and washed them, and used the wool in my sewing stash.  But then.....I began to find some amazing pieces.  Some that still had price tags on them.  Some never worn, some gently worn, some straight from the dry cleaners with paper tags and starch still on them.  On Mondays at one of my haunts, all clothing pieces were 1.00!  I have found SO many great things, that now I not only buy for unusual buttons, and fabrics to repurpose, I buy for ME to wear!   I look for BRANDS!  I look for items in GOOD condition.  I look for DEALS and STEALS!  And I find them!!!!!  AND, I rarely spend more than a few dollars on any given piece.  I bring them home, and wash as directed, then line dry.  Here you see a brand new pair of Lauren Conrad leggings with tags that were still on them.  A summer top, a cotton V neck t shirt, and a red plaid shirt for little brother.
I also spotted these darling pajamas.  They are cotton with a knit and cotton lace trim around bottom of top and collar, and also around bottom of the capri style pants.
I don't typically buy PJ's with buttons down the front, because I am large busted, and the buttons pucker.  If I do, I will sew the shirt front down at the button opening to prevent this from happening.  These are so cute and comfy.
I also picked up this near new pair of swimming trunks for my grandson.
Lastly, a pair of pink shorts with pockets, to work in the yard.  Pockets, pockets, pockets, this lady must have pockets!  I am always carrying eggs in, or whatever...and I need my pockets!!  Well, I don't know where the picture of the pink shorts went?  But you can see them in the corner of the below picture.  Which shows the red basket with gingham lining better.
Have you found anything interesting while out thrifting lately?
XO  Kris

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Day On A Boat

Yesterday we picked up my Mom and went to spend the day at Newport on my brother, David's boat. David and Glenda were already down there waiting for us.
My Dad always had a boat.  David and Dad were the ones who shared the love of the sea.  And they had a love of deep sea fishing.  We always got to spend a lot of time on the boats my Dad had, and he was always more than happy to take us cruising around the harbor, or to Catalina, or whatever.  We had more fun on those boats!  So many great memories.  Just before my Dad passed away, he had purchased a brand new boat.  He didn't even get to enjoy time on that boat, as his illness was so quick.  For a long time, it was bittersweet to be down there.   Eventually, Mom sold the boat.  David purchased his own a couple of years ago.  It is exactly like the second boat my Dad had, I think.  So again, spending time on it, brings back so many memories for all of us.  Yesterday was a bit overcast, but warm in the sun, and the perfect day to be on the water.   Here is my brother, Captain Dave.
David loves the ocean and fishing and boating, like our Dad.  It amazes me to see SO much of our Dad in him.  Although, I don't know why?  He is just so like him.
We set all of our snacks and goodies out, and just nibbled and visited.  David and Glenda's son Chad arrived.  Then later Drew and Christine came down.  Shortly after they arrived, we left the dock for a harbor cruise.
It was a beautiful day to be out and about.  Lots of other boaters.  Paddle boarders, and people enjoying this pretty Southern California early Spring day.

We cruised the harbor looking at all of the pretty houses and boats.  I loved this house with the pretty windows and window boxes.
 And this group of houses, each with the American Flag waving proud.
We pulled up to the dock in front of the Bluewater Grill.  A favorite eatery of ours for many years.  It will forever remind me of my Dad.  They have wonderful food, and if you are in Newport Beach, you should try it.  They bring a loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread and softened butter to your table as soon as you sit down, and it is heaven!
Erika and Noah had been to a birthday party nearby, so they joined us for lunch and the boat ride back to Newport Bay.  We just drove her to her car when we left for home.  I got lots of great shots on the ride back in.  I loved this one of my son Drew, nephew Chad, Mom, daughter Erika and grandson Noah.
And this one of Drew's girlfriend Christine, Drew, Chad and Eri.
Mom and kids.
Drew and his beautiful Christine.
When Chad was a little boy, he would love to delight us in his ability to play music using nothing but his hands, and arm pits. He was so proud of himself, and would show anyone, at any time.  I recall one summer at Bass Lake where that was all we heard, in fact!  Little Chad with his big smile, and arms flapping like a bird.  He was such a character!  Well.....guess who has learned the same trick?
 Look at that concentration!
When he showed me his new trick, he said to me, "Grandma, can you believe that a human being can make such a sound?"
No sweet boy, I cannot believe it!  I have a feeling we will be hearing this new "boy sound" for some time to come!
He was very excited to show his Mama's cousin Chad what he could do.  They even gave us a short duet.
Glenda and David's dog Rosie seemed to enjoy it too!
There was a game of charades going on for awhile.  Noah was in charge of that game.  Here he is telling Chad what he had to act out.
Noah is quite the engaging conversationalist.  Here, he had my Mom, Glenda and Rosie captive for one of his stories.
Greg and Captain David were pretty busy with driving the boat all day.  I took this from below to them on the flybridge.
It was a fantastic day!  Watching all of the activity on the ocean.  Birds, people, parties, etc.  Here is a large boat going by where there was what appeared to be a quincinero going on.  ( sorry if I spelled that wrong)
And a boat passed us with a dog just like our Dusty at the helm.  They said her name was Lucy.
When we got back to the slip, we tidied up and headed for home.  I took this photo of David's boat as we were leaving.  My Dad's first boat was named The Lady Di.  After my Mom, Diane.  The second boat was Another Lady 2 Di 4.  Then I think there was, Another Lady Di...etc....
My brother so thoughtfully chose this name to honor our Mom, and all of those years we spent boating with our Dad.  It gives me chills, even still.
Thanks Brother.  We had a great time yesterday!!  Just as we always do when we are on a boat.
Love you!!
XO  Kris

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Doins'

Spring Doins'.  Nana said that.  Not Spring doins' exactly.  But she used the word doins'.  Nana was from Texas, and although she lived in California for a long time, she never lost that sweet Southern Drawl.   I think about  her all the time.  The many things she said and did, that made her so loved.  It will be two years in September that she passed.  I miss her every day.  It will be 12 years that my Dad has been gone.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him either.  They will both live on in me, in my heart, til we meet again.
Spring has arrived, and is showing off every day with more and more color.  Usually by this time, I have my garden in, and well on it's way.  Because of feeling so crummy, I have not done anything to prepare for it.  As much as I love gardening, I am still not up to the work involved to put one in this weekend.  And I am not sure if or when I will.  I may just put a few of our favorites in, and use the space I added last summer to plant a lot of pumpkins.  I have not decided yet.  We have a wonderful Farmer's Market.  I could easily get all that I love to use there.  But will I miss it?  Yes, I think I would, if I couldn't go outside and pick our dinner veggies.
I made my first trip to the Farmer's Market this morning.  I got some beautiful looking produce, and an unusual item.
That other item you see is a natural inhaler.  It is supposed to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.  The lady I talked to at the kiosk where this and many other natural remedies and oils were sold, told me that this will help my breathing tremendously, and eliminate the need for my prescribed inhaler.  We shall see.  But I am willing to try it.  It contains minerals and salts.  When I inhale it, I can detect the taste of the salt slightly.  But it is not unpleasant in any way.
The other day I visited the brand new Goodwill in Norco.  It is huge!!!  Very nice and clean.  Lots of books!  I love books!   I found a beautiful pair of pillow shams for 4.00.  They are ecru, and looked brand new.  I love the quilting and design.  I washed them up and put them on our bed.  I like adding some lighter colors to the bedding in the warmer months.
These were a good find!  And a fair price.  I don't love Goodwill, because they tend to be higher priced.  My preference is Salvation Army, and also a Vintage Thrift here in town.  I also love a shop in Norco by the feed store I frequent.  And in Big Bear I have several favorites.  But once in a while, I do find something at GW that is what I consider a fair price..
I also got this book, and am LOVING it!
I finished my chunky rib knit cowl.  I thought I would love it a lot more.  It turned out much wider at the neck than I wanted it to.  I wound up twisting and doubling it, and liked it a lot better.
I started another project yesterday.  I saw this on my friend Meredith's blog.  It is a straight knit scarf/shawl.  I am enjoying making it.  Very good practice, and I feel like I am getting fairly proficient with straight knitting, and identifying the way the stitch is supposed to look, and finding a problem and/or dropped stitch, and confidently able to pick it back up and resume knitting without losing the consistency of the pattern.
I am enjoying sitting outside to knit each day.  Everywhere I look, it is so pretty.

Today was another nice warm day.  We went to our granddaughter Hannah's softball game, and then went with our daughter Erika and grandson Noah to see Paddington.  We all loved it. Such a cute movie.  When our son Drew was a baby, his bedroom was decorated in Paddington Bear.  I had the cutest wallpaper, and accessories.  I can close my eyes and still see it.  Somewhere in the rafters, is the giant Paddington Bear that my parents got him.  I need to find that bear!
I think tomorrow will be a lazy day.  My throat is sore again, and I do NOT want to get worse!!!  GAH!
XO  Kris