Thursday, August 18, 2016

Crazy For Sock Knitting!

I can say it now.  I am a knitter.  I can knit socks!  It didn't come easy.  I knit a half dozen bloopers, with no mates.  All different types of yarns, needles, and an assortment of various patterns.  I wanted to throw it all in the trash several times.  But I didn't give up.  I'm a little tenacious like that.  I was determined to learn this craft, and in particular, to learn to knit socks! And I did!
These are my keepers.  Two pair are missing, as they have been given as gifts.  The pair of shortie socks on lower left, are my most recent FO .  That's knit speak for finished object.  I have a pair on the needles now, in the Felici sock yarn from Knit Picks.  Also known as a in progress, in both knit speak and quilting speak.   Which, I love by the way!
I am sure many of you out there, non knitters especially, are thinking, who needs that many socks?  And what is the big deal?  Well let me tell you.  If you have ever owned a pair of hand knit socks, you need not ask.  But if you have not, there is nothing like the feel of them. Or the fit.  Or the fun colors and patterns you can create using the vast availability of sock yarns these days.  Don't even get me started on the Indy dyers!  Oh my, such beauty!!  I bought this skein and bag as a collaboration between two crafters.  An Indy dyer, and a bag maker. 
The yarn is so yummy!  The bag is well made and I love the fabric.  But I won't likely be buying too many bags, as it does seem silly when I can make my own. 
I invested in a yarn swift and ball winder recently, since I have been buying the hanks lately.
I got them at Knit Picks, and they were reasonably priced.  I am sure it will get good use!  I have been scouring the Ravelry patterns for a shawl to make.  I think I have narrowed it down to a few I like, that will be in the novice knitter category.  That will be next up to make. 
I ran into my local quilts shop the other day 
The green and pink were for a bag, as well as the gold and brown autumn prints.  I couldn't resist the mice in love.  My nickname was mouse.  My father always gave me gifts of mice.  It made me smile. 
I have done a little thrifting lately, since my grandson has returned to school.  I am always on the lookout for vintage Tupperware.  I use it all the time.  For everything!  These two pieces were great finds.  Each at 3.00
Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this bright wool piece.  It was a poncho, made from a Pendleton.
That was scooped up and came home with me.  I paid 6.00 for it.  I washed it on gentle cycle in cold water, and did a double rinse.  Then dried it outside in the hot air under the shade of our patio.  It has a couple of spots along the sides, that need some binding repair, but other than that, perfect.  So heavy, and so warm it will be!!
Then, on another day, I walked into my favorite shop, and there it was.  In a box on the floor.  The name JUKI on the box, calling out to me...."hey..over here!"
I casually walked over to the box.  Pulled the machine out.  Took it to the table to plug it in....all the while acting only slightly interested!  When actually,, I was jumping up and down inside.  I have wanted a Juki for a long time!!!  There wasn't a price anywhere on the machine or the box.  I found a manager, and she inspected it for a price.  When she left to go find someone else, I googled it to see what it sold for.  900.00 is what I found.  It is computerized.  Seemed to have all of the parts, and they were working.  Although, there was no thread, and I had no way to know how it sewed. 
She came back with a price of 500 and I said nope, too much.  She said 250.  I said I would consider it for 200.  Ultimately, I paid the 200, and upon getting it home, found that the needle wouldn't take up the bobbin thread.  I quickly ran it in to my sewing machine guy.  He said he could fix that, and it was the timing.  But it was going to cost me somewhere between 75 and 100 dollars.  I said go ahead.  But then I went back and asked for 100 back on the machine, since I had to put about 100 into it.  They reimbursed me the 100 dollars.  I paid an even 100 for it, and am waiting to pick it up tomorrow from my sewing machine repair man.  I can hardly wait to play with it.  One feature that none of my current machines has, is needle down position.  So important when working on free motion quilting.  And it is FAST!!!! 
I will be letting you know my review of the machine after I get the chance to play with it.  I have one more thrift store find that I was pretty thrilled about this past week.  But I will save that one for next time.
As for now, I must go knit socks.
XO  Kris

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Big Bear Vacation

I didn't take too many photos when we went to Big Bear in early July.  But I wanted to post the few I have, for the sake of preservation.  We had a good week. It was hotter than usual there.  And the water levels are way, way down.  So sad.  But we had a good time. 
We had different family members come up each of the days we were there, except for Thursday..  We arrived on Saturday, and set up camp.  We had a good spot.  A great spot.  It is usually water front property.  But not this year!

Sitting under the awning and looking out at this peaceful view was lovely.  Water, or no water.  You can see the dry docks to the left of the above photo. 
It was kind of sad to see the marina so low.  So many of the docks have had to be pulled out to deeper parts of the lake.  And walking down to the boat, seeing so much mud and shallow water is really awful.  I sure do hope we have some good rain and snow this winter!!!

This dock is where we keep our boat.  It's about half way down the dock.
We usually spend the whole day out on the boat.  We pack up lunches and snacks, and load a cooler, and off we go.  Noah is a good Captain.
 I don't know who that guy in the blue thingie is???
We got a Stand Up Paddle Board just before we left for the lake.  Everyone had a really good time riding around on that.

 Even me, who was too afraid to fall into that cold lake, so I sat down to paddle.
The Paddle Board is a huge hit!!! 
The kids had fun playing on the boat, and on the water. 
 And they fished a little too.
But the fishing was S L O W!!!!!
I always enjoy watching the kids interact and have fun together!

Unfortunately, Noah came down with a high fever on Wednesday night, and his Mom had to come and pick him up that next day.  We felt so bad for him.
Luckily, we had already gotten in the movies, mini golf, Alpine slides, and ice cream in The Village. 
It was a good week, but as always, I am ready to come, usually a day before our planned vacation ends.  I don't know why, but I always get homesick.  I am a homebody.  It is just who I am.
We keep the boat up there in a slip all summer, so we go up nearly every weekend for some fishing and bobbing on the lake. 
See you soon Big Bear.
XO  Kris

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fourth Of July 2016

Our town did their annual parade and concert in the park on the Saturday prior to the 4th of July.  It was different, but fun and festive, just the same.  Noah and his Dad were in in the parade, so we left early to secure a good spot along the curb on Main Street, to see them coming!  Noah spotted us walking across the street  from where they were set up in the staging area.  He was SO excited to be participating in his first parade!
He was looking sharp, decked in his Patriotic gear from head to toe! 
We were lucky that the weather was unseasonably cool on this day.  So sitting there for a few hours was not a problem.  Our granddaughters, Hannah and Claire, with their little friend Ryan, sitting along the curb with us, waiting for the parade to begin.
Those 10 gallon hats came in mighty handy to haul all of the candy that was thrown from the floats!!!
The National Anthem was sung, and the Pledge Of Allegiance was recited at the beginning of the procession.

Then away they went, one float after another, the Red, White and Blue, proudly waving!   Freshly washed and waxed fire engines.....
Red Tractors...
Men in uniform, scouts, city council, and Jazzercise groups, one after the other, marching and waving along Main Street.  Then came Noah's float, with his  Dad on motorcycle alongside.
My favorite, besides Noah's float, was this one from Jerome's Furniture Store.
I went to take a photo of Smokey The Bear, and instead, someone insisted on taking the photo of me with Smokey The Bear.
I took this photo of my Uncle Johnny's family, sitting just a few feet over from us.  Minus Uncle Johnny.  He was at home making waffles, I was told.
Our little town has sure grown in the 30 plus years that we have lived here.  The parade used to consist of a few local groups, and be done in an hour.  Now, it is quite a production!  Fun time! 
After the parade, we were invited to go next door for lunch and swimming.  So the day was full, despite it being a couple of days before the 4th of July. 
On Monday, the actual 4th, we all went down to Newport Beach, to spend the day on my brother's boat.  We had a wonderful day of swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, boat rides, food, more food, laughter, and great family time!! 
My nephew and his wife, have a new baby girl, and they live in the Bay area, so having time to spend with them is such a treat! 
Our grands, along with everyone else, had an absolute ball on the paddle boards and kayaks, and dinghy!!

 Noah's Dad Mark, on kayak.
Drew and Christine.
My favorite subjects, Hannah, Claire, and Noah!

Noah's Karate Kid pose.
Miss Claire....looking ever so sweet, and having a wonderful time on the boat!
I took this from the fly bridge of the dock below.
This was taken while out on a boat ride. 
Our oldest daughter Gennifer and her Uncle Dave, my brother.
The beaches were lined with colorful umbrellas on the shoreline.  It was such a beautiful day down there, and so festive with all of the decorations!
It was a perfect day!  Thank you so much David and Glenda!!!
Til next time.....
Toodle Loo
XO  Kris