Thursday, June 23, 2016

He Thinks We're Just Fishin'

Well, summer hit with a bang here in Southern California where I live.  We had triple digits Friday through Tuesday!  On Saturday it was 106 or so, and on Sunday we about 110, and on Monday it was 114!!!!!!  Ghastly!!!!  We packed up a cooler and headed up the hill to the lake on Saturday morning, to escape the heat.  What a great decision!!!  Our grandson Noah, and his Daddy asked if they could join us to beat the awful heat too.  We said, come on up!  They stepped out of the car only moments after we arrived at the marina.  Noah loves to drive the boat with Geeps.  His latest obsession though, is the fish finder!  He is just fascinated with watching that thing, to see where the best place is, to wet his line!
On our way to the dam, he was doing a little front end boat surfing!  I got the cutest video of him on my phone.

As crowded as it was, we were lucky, and were able to clip onto a mooring at the dam.  We bobbed and fished, most of the day here. 
Usually in fishing, there is a lot of waiting.  I hoped for Noah to get lucky and catch a fish that day.  And it wasn't but a short while, before his pole went "bendo" as they say!
He reeled in a big one!  And to add to the excitement, all of the boats around us were watching and clapping, and cheering him on!  It was very fun to watch!!
But once the flopping fish was pulled on board, he didn't want to get anywhere near it!!  At least, he didn't want to hold it!!!

 Oh how I love the look on his face in the shot below!!!  Sheer joy, and fear of that fish slapping his arm again!!
Fishing makes you hungry, so Mark barbequed some hot dogs on the grill and we had a little lunch.
 Gramma always packs lots of goodies.  You can see I didn't forget the "vitamins" either!!

You have to take a little snooze after a big meal, and get ready for another round of fishing.
He was raring to go after a little shut eye, and he checked the fish finder to see where to toss his line.
Turns out he had just the right spot too, because a short while later, he was reeling in a whopper!!
This one was huge!!!  Another keeper, for sure!  He stood a safe distance away for the photo.  Such pride on his face. 
He spent the entire rest of the day, checking on them in the holding tank.  We continued to fish, nap, knit, snack, and enjoy the day.  There was a pirate ship!
Some good snacks, and sock knitting.
Cliff diving.
Noah said he wanted to do that.  We said, how about, not today!!  I loved this sequence of photos I took of Noah and his Dad!

They didn't know I was on the back of the boat shooting these.  I am pretty sure they were discussing the days catch!
At around 5:30 or so, we got a call that my son Drew and his girlfriend Christine were on their way up.
We went back to the marina to pick them up, and headed back out for a lake cruise.  We stopped off at our friends, Mike and Lee's place for a little visit.
The guys were all trolling...
About 5 minutes in, Drew had a hook up!   "GET THE NET!!!!"
It was another lunker!
I loved this shot of the fellas.

We went to the other end of the lake and saw some parasailers.
 And I got a good shot of the observatory. 
You can see the dark grey marks on the bottom of the white structure.  That is where the water is usually at. 
The sun was beginning to set, revealing my favorite time to be on the water.  The Jimmy Buffet tune, "Stars On The Water" always comes to mind. 

I caught the above photo at the precise moment the sun slipped behind the mountain.  The colored orb you see in the middle of photo is a mystery. 
We cruised into Metcalf Bay, taking our time, enjoying every last sliver of daylight left.
I sat on the back of the boat, wrapped in a blanket, camera in hand, observing it all.  I was about to burst I was so happy.  Just being there.  Having had such a stellar day, with these people I love.  Wishing only that the rest of my family had been there too.  I witnessed Noah and his Uncle Drew having quite the animated conversation!  About what, I do not know?  Whose fish was bigger perhaps?

As we entered Metcalf Bay, the colors of the night sky were a gorgeous painting of pinks and greys.
We witnessed a flock of Pelicans flying overhead in formation. 

Yes, it was a perfect day!  We off loaded our gear, and covered up the boat, saying goodbye, until next time, which will most likely be this weekend.  I leave you with my two favorite shots of the day.  I will have to have these blown up for my daughter Erika, Noah's Mom. 

Be still my heart!!!!
Til next time........
XO Kris

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Excellent Adventure, Part Two

We woke up Saturday morning, to grey skies, and a pretty chilly day.  But we didn't mind one bit.  We took a walk, and had breakfast, and then set out to the Embarcadero to take a 2 hour Harbor Cruise.  Luckily I had jeans and sweatshirts, because it was COLD on the water!!  We took our seats up on the top tier of the Flagship and waited for the cruise to begin.
The beautiful San Diego Sky Line.
That is the USS Midway Naval Ship behind the people standing on top deck.  We want to go on that tour next time.  We learned a lot, saw a lot, and froze our buns off!!!  We got to see a few sea lions lounging around on the bait docks.
We saw a dolphin too, but I didn't get a very good photo.
The bridge to Coronado Island.
I took this photo of Greg in front of the USS Midway Ship.  And he took one of me.  I have a visor on, but it looks like I just have piles and piles of hair!!!
We were going to go to Little Italy after the cruise, but it had gotten so crowded that we changed our minds. 
We drove the short distance back to our campsite, and warmed up a bit.  I made a huge platter of Nachos for lunch.
And isn't this the loveliest photo that Greg took of me!  Wind blown hair, and double chins and all!!!  Oh well.  It is what it is! 
And then, I believe we both took a bit of  a nap.  He was outside on his zero gravity chair, but I stayed bundled up inside!! 
We barbequed hamburgers for dinner, and then Greg made us some fresh popped popcorn.
He used our outdoor kitchen to make the popcorn, using a whirly popper.  Our favorite way to make popcorn! 
There he goes again, getting such a flattering photo of me!  I was knitting, and had clipped my windblown hair up out of my eyes.  So pretty!!!  Thanks dear!  But the popcorn looks good, doesn't it!
It was a nice relaxing day!  Cold and cozy!
We got up Sunday morning to a bit better weather.  We took a long walk on the beach.  It was very low tide.
 I was looking for sea glass, but didn't find any.
Greg took this of me.  I don't know what in the world I was doing?  But it did reflect my happy mood.
We walked all along the beach, then along the Marina, where we went to have a delicious breakfast sitting outside on the patio looking at the water.

We were wishing my brother Dave was there with his boat.  Maybe next time.
One the way back to our campsite, we took a photo of this Fifth Wheel.  Wow!  It had two slide out decks!!!


That's what I call "Roughing It!" 
We went back to break down our campsite, and headed for home.  It was a fun weekend, but too short!  We decided that this was far enough away that we would really like to have a 4 day weekend to go again.
If you live in the Southern California area, I hope you try Chula Vista RV Resort!  A must go!
Thanks for coming along.....
XO  Kris