Thursday, July 31, 2008

10 of my favorite things.

1. My first cup of coffee in the morning.
2. Freshly washed sheets!
3. Hugs and kisses from Hannah and Noah!!!!
4. The first bbq of the season with my family.
5. Friday nights.
6. Maui sunsets with my husband.
8. Cold and rainy days.
9. Spending the day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs.
10. A clean house!!


Kristi said...

Those are pretty good things!!! I'm with you on that first cup of coffee in the morning. I've been skipping that, for Madison of course. I think my count down on my blog should not be for Madison, it should be for when I can drink coffee again, the non-decaf kind!!! By the way, cute cookies and great title!!

Tawny said...

AHHHH, those all sound great!
Scrapbook store-so sad, there aren't any good ones in Corona :( The best one, Kandy Scrappers, up by Vons closed, but there is one off of McKinley by Big Lots. They aren't the greatest, but you might find what you are looking for? Also try Target, they have a pretty good scrap section. There is a good one in Temecula, from what I have heard, but I've never been there, and there is also a HUGE store at Ontario Mills, you can see it off the freeway! Just let me know if you having any othere scrap questions...I am the girl who loves to scrap!

Lauri said...

What a great list! I'd have to agree with you on a lot of those things. Funny how much we enjoy clean, fresh sheet. Such a simple pleasure!

Genn said...

Nice post. Yea, clean sheets are good, I just hate having to put them on the bed. Especially with a belly bump in your way! And I am with Kristi on that first cup of coffee in the am!! Oh how I miss that! I have been cheating and visiting Starbucks too often that I probably should, but I can't wait to smell freshly ground beans in the morning in my kitchen again!! And Bass Lake and Hawaii are good faves too. You should have added Diana Gabaldons book to your list. Those will always be up there for me.

Anita Lasher said...

Love your 10 things! I would agree with everyone of them. Even the Bass Lake one. We only went once but it is a memory marked in mind forever. I am so glad Natalie finally got the potty thing! (heehee) aka Mosa.

Kelly said...

That's so funny... I slightly remember that meeting in Red Robin. It seems like so long ago!