Monday, July 14, 2008

Hannah Faith's Swimming Lessons

I went to watch Hannah's swimming lessons today. This was only lesson number 2. She doesn't like it, but I think she will. She did well. I got a few smiles.


Genn said...

Cute pics. You really need to start using your other camera though! They always look so overexposed.

Also, before you choose what photos you are posting, you can adjust the layout of how you want your text so that you don't have to write along side of your pictures.

Kelly said...

Cute post! And I think you're doing pretty good! Looks like Hannah did a little better than how Genny described last week!

Katie said...

I didn't realize you posted on this blog...I thought it was for cakes. Very fun. I love the pictures. You have a very beautiful daughter. (and one adorable grand daughter.)