Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Twenty Years In The Making

My friend Lauri tagged me with this......

Twenty Years Ago....
* Our children were 7, and 5 and our youngest Drew was not yet born.
* I was very busy as room Mom for both of my girls classrooms.
* I was working part time at Marie Callender's for extra money.

Ten Years Ago....
* I took up quilting with my friend Jae German.
* We went on our first cruise with my parents and Nana and kids to The Mexican Riviera.
* I was a very busy Mom with three kids.

Five Years Ago...
* I lost my precious Dad.
* Drew started high school.
* It was a hard year.

Three Years Ago...
* I lost 50 pounds at Weight Watchers.
* I started jogging with my friend Maryrose.
* I felt great.

This Year So Far I...
* Have gained 20 pounds that I need to lose.
* Have struggled with a knee injury.
* Have spent a great deal of time with my grandchildren Hannah and Noah.

Yesterday I....
* Worked in the yard.
* Layed by the pool and read a book for the first time this summer.
* Made spaghetti and a spinach and strawberry and orange salad.

Today I...
* Watched Hannah practice her swimming in the pool with her Daddy.
* Tried the new yogurt place (yum)
* Babysat Noah from 1-10.

Tomorrow I...
* Will clean my house from top to bottom.
* Grocery shop and hit Target too.
* Pick up a new bag of dog food because I discovered ants in it this evening!

In The Next Year I...
* Hope to lose the 20 I gained.
* Have my knee fixed.
* Will be welcoming our third grandbaby!!!
And now I am tagging my friend Maryrose


Lauri said...'re fast. My sister tagged me and it took me a week of thinking about it before I posted it. It's fun to remember where we've been.

Lauri said...

oh please! First of all, I wouldn't have had any education if I hadn't been "forced" in to it. Second, look at all you can and do can quilt, decorate cakes, and you have the privelege of living close to your kids so you can have a close relationship with them and help them out when they need you. I always enjoyed being around you because you're so positive and fun to be around. Certainly NOT an uneducated zero!

Maryrose said...

I am home and I am ready for the next 20 years. Get fixed and we can play. I miss you out there in the morning. I will post my response this afternoon and I will call you later. Love Maryrose

Kelly said...

Don't sell yourself short! Your answers are great!

Katie said...

50 pounds?!! THat is amazing. I don't think people can full appreciate what an accomplishment that is unless they've gone through it. IT takes so much discipline and self control.

Loosing weight is one of the hardest things ever to me. I have never lost a full 50 lbs in one try, but I did loose 45 the year before I got married. I did it the old fashioned way...exercise and healthy eating. No fad diets, surgeries or starving myself. I'm working on it again. I've lost 30 since November, but ideally I'd like to loose 15 more. (let's get real...ideally I'd like to loose 30 more, but realistically, I'd be satisfied with 15.)

Being in the middle of childbearing is the pits. It's grueling cycle of weight gain and weigh loss.

Good luck with your next 20 pounds and take care of your knee.

Have fun at Target.

Genn said...

I'm with Kelly, don't sell yourself short. Not having a degree, and being uneducated are two completely different things! I mean, take me for example, I could say that all I have is a lowsy trade license and no education. But instead i say i have my phd. PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRESSER. And I can say although I haven't gone to college, I've learned alittle about a LOT of things from my clients. Think of all you have learned from your years of experience and life lessons! Be proud of yourself!!