Monday, September 8, 2008


I love dishes. While I was on vacation, Gennifer told me about our friend Lauri's post, regarding her love for dishes. Gennifer couldn't wait to tell me about it, because she knew I would be eager to see her collection, and then want to post one for my dishes too. It has taken me several weeks, but finally I had a day to do it. You can tell that I not only love dishes, but silverware, glass ware, chargers, placemats, napkins, and table settings. Some day I will do table scapes too.
One Thanksgiving, a few years ago, we were having my whole family to dinner here. I wanted everything to match, so I bought two sets of new silver, and 32 gold chargers. I had white plates, two sets, and I mixed and matched those. Some day I will post the pictures of that loooong table!

This is my set of Nature Wood by Pfaltzgraff. I have wine glasses, water goblets, canniseters, platters, etc. I love this set.

I just loved the color of these plates. I bought the only six that Home Goods had. I am forever on the hunt for more! They are a great fall color!
My little set of butterfly dishes.
This is a deep red embossed plate, on a silver charger. The camera did not do it justice! Same plate with the black charger.
White plates with gold rim, on gold chargers. Very festive.
When I got married, I didn't register. I always regretted that. One year, my Mom got me a service for four of this set of china. I love it. I have never added to it, but I am going to this year!! Oops, I see I have my forks backwards on this one.

These dishes I bought because they reminded me of Italy. My Mom and I had a great trip to Italy a few years ago, and I just loved the colors that were in these, and I painted my kitchen to match this color scheme.

This is a very old set of dishes I bought in an antique store. Very feminine.
These were also bought in an antique store. Similar to the ones above, but I loved the floral pattern. This is a set of glass dishes I bought a few summers ago before I was having a bridal shower for my friend Maryrose's daughter Kristi, and again, I wanted enough dishes to match, and something I could use with any decor, so I bought 50 of them.
These are my basic white dishes, and I add all sorts of things to them. The butterfly's I bought at Home Goods one year.
This is my two sets of matching silverware that I bought before hosting Thanksgiving one year, and the smaller set is one I already had. A gift from my Mommy.

Some pretty berry dishes I use during the holidays.
My casual, every day dishes for the Christmas season. I would love to have a set of formal dishes for Christmas too.
This is one of my sets of Pfaltzgraff.
A very old set of Pfaltzgraff I have with quilting patterns on the plates. I got these way before I ever started to quilt!
I know I had to leave some out. But this is the bulk of them. I just wish I had a place to store them all so that I could use them easily and more frequently, without having to locate all of the pieces, etc.
So Lauri, there you have it. Makes me want to have a party!


Kelly said...

Holy Moly! You and Lauri are very much alike! I love all your dishes! I have a set of Wedgewood china I got for our wedding. But it's only a set for 4. I would love to get more because I LOVE it! I want to use it as my everyday dishes.

Lauri said...

Wow, Kristy. Between the two of us, we could mix and match and serve A LOT of people. I have been waiting for this post and I'm glad you did it.

I love your red embossed dishes. The possibilities are endless with red dishes. I also have glass dishes (probably the same ones). I have 25 of them and my mother in law and two sisters in law also have them. Between us, we have 150of them and we share them all the time. Your china is beautiful. Have your ever looked at replacements ltd.? If they are no longer in stock, that is a place you can find them. And I also love your "Itallian" dishes.

I feel sorry for people who have only one set of dishes. I love setting a pretty table. I too have lots of stemware and table linens. I am always on the lookout for things like that (like you said, Home Goods is a good place to look). The thing I'm probably short on is silverware.

Thanks for sharing. That was fun.

Kris said...

Hi Lauri,
I know, between the two of us, we could lay quite a table! My red plate, unfortunately, is just one plate. I WISH I had a set. The rest, are all sets. The glass dishes, my friend bought a bazillion right after I did, because she did her daughter's wedding at her home. So we each have the same, and can share if need be. I bought them at Linens N Things.
I do know of replacements. I have gotten several pieces replaced from there!!!
It was a nearly all day thing, but now my dishes are once again, organized! Oh, and clean!!!

Kris said...

Ask for your dishes for Christmas!!

Genn said...

Lovely sets of dishes mommy dearest. I remember that last set with the quilt pattern on them, and we ate from those often at the house on Turquoise. Good times.

Kris said...

Yes, you are correct. I used those dishes as our every day day dishes about the time we lived there! Good memory!

Kristi said...

Wow!! I didn't realize that you have the same sickness as my mother. I think you need to build a dish room like she has planned for their new house, then you would have even more room for new dishes!! Home Goods is the best place for dishes. I think my mom buys new dishes everytime we go. So much fun. You set a very beautiful table, and I remember those glass dishes. You had done such a great job on my bridal shower, everything was so pretty!!

Anita Lasher said...

I had no idea that you had so many dishes. You could be a catering company! I knew you loved dishes but had not idea how much. I thought I had a lot but you blew me out of the water. I'll be over for lunch.....

Katie said...

OH. MY. WORD!!!! Love it! I'll have to do this post one of these days. My collection doesn't compare to yours or moms though. I got rid of like three sets when we moved because I was so tired of packing dishes. I now regret it. Plates never go out of style.

My favorite, I have to admit, are the orange ones from home goods. I am in love with that shade of orange these days. Dishes that color are not easy to find.

Loved it!

Tawny said...

First, that is so funny about the Kavanaghs!!! I think that Joe or Genn had mentioned it to me before about you knowing John and Kathy, but it kinda slipped my mind! They still have their beautiful house up there, but slowly their view is changing into houses...but they still have their groves that Joe actually helps out with now and again. Did I tell you (or maybe Genn did) that Joe started his own business doing Handyman work? So if you are ever in need again :)
Your dishes...BEAUTIFUL! I love having people over just so that I can set a table. I remember when I lived by Genn, we would have little mini dinner parties and Joe would ask me why in the world was I setting out chargers and plates, with glasses and silverware...he never got it...but Genn and I sure had fun putting the tables together! Very pretty table's Kris!!!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! I only have one set.... If you want to call it that. Frank has had some since I met him and I just bought some at a yardsale when we moved here. lol