Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's Hear it For The Boys

Poor Drew hardly ever makes it on the blog. Actually, I need more of the girls too. I wish I had pictures of Erika's first batch of beautifully decorated cupcakes she made all by herself today for her girlfriends birthday. They were gorgeous! Tonight Drew has some friends here playing Wii. I snapped a couple pictures.

That is Mindy on the sofa, Drew, Adam, and Jimmy the Hodgemeister.


Kelly said...

Finally! We never get to see pics of Drew!

Kristi said...

Poor boy only has one comment, I'll comment Drew. Looks like you were having some fun!! It looks so care free, I remember hanging out with friends like that with no worries. Drew is so tall, how tall is he???

Kris, why does Erika not start a blog so that we can see more pics of Noah?? That would be so fun, you tell her I said to get one going. We get to see double of Hannah between Genn's and your blogs, it's just not fair to Noah. He's too cute not to have his own blog.

Kris said...

I will share your comment with Erika. She wants to do a blog, in fact she started one, but now can't find it!!! Don't ask me???
I told her I would help her get one going, but it just hasn't happened yet. I need to go over there one night and help her.

Kristi said...

Yes you do!! We need more Noah!!!

Maryrose said...

Kris - It is good to see Drew having fun. And the bonus is to see the "famous" Jimmy Hodge.