Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Princess and Dinosaur

Trick or Treat!!! Hannah was a princess and Noah was a Dinosaur. Hannah had a ball, and Noah.....not so much. We had a great time at Gennifer and Jake's house, watching the kids enjoy their first time trick or treating. They have the perfect neighborhood for little ones going door to door in safety. It was such a warm night, almost everyone was out front handing out candy. We sat out on the driveway after taking Hannah a little bit, and it was nice and warm. We were wishing it were cool and "fall" like though. But it was perfect for the kids.


Lauri said...

Cute costumes! I'll bet you enjoyed sharing Halloween with a princess and a dinosaur.

Kelly said...

Their costumes were so cute! Looks like a fun night!

Kristi said...

Hannah and Noah look so cute!! I love the dinosaur. Too bad Noah didn't like it, I understand, Riley was not a fan either. Next year should be better for both of them.