Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Turkey Chili and Pumpkin & Apple Spice Muffins

Have I mentioned how much I love Fall? Even though we are having the last of our hot, windy weather, I am enjoying the cooler nights and shorter days, and with that comes lots of cooking for me. This turkey chili is a family favorite. It is a Weight Watcher recipe, and I will be a Weight Watcher the rest of my life, but we love it! It is loaded with fresh veggies and tons of flavor. I top it with a bit of fat free sour cream, and a few tortilla chips and you would never know you are eating an almost zero calorie meal!

Then I baked another Weight Watcher recipe that is a Fall favorite for us. Pumpkin & Apple Spice Muffins. YUM! Another seasonal favorite is the Nestle Pumpkin Spice creamer. Oh how I love this treat! I wish it were available all year, but then again, maybe it wouldn't be such a treat if it were. Genny tried to steal mine yesterday. She is having trouble finding it. I was at Von's earlier (shhhh, don't tell Erika) and saw the other brand of Pumpkin Spice creamer, and bought it for her, but she says it isn't nearly as good. I shouldn't be drinking any caffeine right now, but I put a cup of coffee through the Keurig machine and poured a little Pumpkin Spice in it, and had myself a muffin and coffee, as I sit here listening to the Dodger's TRY to come back!


Genn said...

I just made that chili and it was so good. Although I don't have any leftover because we ate some that night and then I froze the rest, and now I want to make it again.

I don't believe I've ever had those apple spice muffins. I'd like to order a dozen please!

Kris said...

You haven't? I think you have. Come on over and have some!

Tammy said...

Can I have a copy of the turkey chili recipe?? I love turkey chili and have one that I love to make. But that one looks so much better!