Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I used to run.....therefore...I am fat!

I read my friend Maryrose's post this morning about her experience today in the park. The park where it all began. Our walking first, then venturing into jogging, our entire journey through Weight Watcher's, Cancer, both of us losing our Dad's, and the many other countless disappointments and joys of our lives. Then, my knee became too painful to even walk, let alone jog, and I was forced to quit, at least for a period of time. Now the knee is better, dicey, but better, but nothing else is the same. I tried to go back to the park, and I could walk, and I enjoyed it, but so many other things have made it difficult to truly get back into it. The first and biggest reason, is that I am now watching Noah much earlier in the morning than I used to, and my making it to the park to exercise would have to be happening at 5:00 a.m. I just don't know if I have it in me to do that right now. I am so tired by the end of the day and morning comes so fast, I just can't make myself begin my day at 5:00. Afterall it is only 30 minutes earlier than I used to, but it is so dark, and it seems so much earlier. Maybe after I get used to our new routine, I will try it. Til then, I think about the way we were......and I miss it so much!
This is the last journal entry of my jog log, when I had to quit for a knee rest.
This is one of my old jog log's and it represents the time when we were both on top of the world.

Maybe I can get back to it, maybe??? I hope so. Jog log, I hope to see you soon. Park Pals, you too.


Kelly said...

YES! You CAN get back into it! Just start with your walking... you can do it! And you'll do great! Take Noah on a walk with you in the mornings!... I know, I know, easier said than done!

Kristi said...

I agree with Kelly. My mom sure does miss you walking with her. That's a great idea to take Noah with you, or have Erika drop Noah off at the park and you could walk with him for the rest of the time you are up there. I think you can do it, for my mom's sake, you realize she is running with my dad right? Save her.

Kris said...

Kristi, you crack me up! Thanks for the votes of confidence girls!
My heart says yes, my body says, can't do that!!!

Maryrose said...

Kris - don't let your body rule your mind. You are young my dear and it is time you told your body that. However this morning my body kicked my a _ _ .

Kris said...

It isn't my is my bad, and painful knee. Ignoring a pain that is contantly there, didn't prove to be such a good thing after all. That saying, "listen to your body" is true. However, at the end of many a day lately, I do feel EVERY single bit of my almost 49 years of age!!!!