Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let The Season Begin!


Kelly said...

Didn't Genny tell you, Claire took that picture of the four of us. Her motor skills are alrighty off the charts! She did have a little help from my mom though!

Anita Lasher said...

Love the cupcakes! It looks as though you sprinkled glitter on them. What is that some sort of sugar? The cookies look like English biscuits. Rest up!

Kris said...

Hey Anita, Thanks, the cupcakes were iced in buttercream, and then I sprinkled sanding sugar on them in both brown and blue. It is a course sugar that you can buy in cake shops and places like Michael's. Which did you mean looked like English biscuits? The little coins on the cupcakes were actually fondant that I imprinted designs on and then cut into circles and let dry to put on top for decoration. They aren't really to eat, although they are edible.
I have been resting all weekend!