Saturday, November 22, 2008

Uncle Joe's 97th Birthday Party!

Tonight was my Uncle Joe's birthday celebration at The Crab Cooker. He turned 97 years young! He is Nana's older brother, and he lives in Fullerton in an assisted living facility. He is an accomplished musician, and plays just about every instrument there is to play. He is sharp as a tack, and in perfect health. He broke his hip a few years ago, and he uses a wheelchair outside of his home, but he is in remarkable health. He said tonight that he is going to have three more birthdays to get to the big 100! And I believe he will. Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!
First picture is Chad with Joe.
Nana and Uncle Joe
Singing Happy Birthday
The whole table of us


Lauri said...

Wow, you've got some longevity in your family. It's nice to be in great health at that age too. What a fun celebration.

Genn said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!! I'm sorry we didn't make the dinner. Looks like a nice night. I can't believe how healthy he and Nana are in their 90's! I hope he does make it to see 100!!!

Good pictures!

Helen said...

Great pictures -especially the one of Nana and Uncle Joe - what a pair! They will probably both make it to 100!

Kelly said...

I think it's amazing how healthy and lively your Nana and Uncle Joe are! It's too bad everyone can't live that long and be as happy as they seem to be.

Anita Lasher said...

It is so great to see a family like this celebrating a long life. I miss these times that my family shared when my grandma was alive. Your uncle Joe really seems to be sharp as a tack. Did Drew take after him as the musician? How many tables does it take to make a table that long?

Maryrose said...

Hey - its a good thing you have longevity in the family, so you will be around long enough for us to visit again (I don't think I have the longevity though-that could be a problem) I have officially seen Greg more in the last 2 weeks than you ;) Hope all is going well and we can get together soon. Pinch that new baby for me. Love M