Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

Greg making the Gorilla Bread before the kids woke up and arrived.

Gamma and Noah

Hannie getting into her stocking

Claire checking out her stocking
Noah getting his stocking


Katie said...

Everything looks so perfect! How nice to have so much family get together. You look so much like your mother. And she looks so young. What a great day.

Lauri said...

What fun festivities! I clicked on all of the pictures to get a better look. I was especially interested in your gift baskets. I'm curious about gorilla that like monkey bread?

How fun to have so much family close by to share the holidays with!

Kristi said...

Love all of the pictures. It looks like you guys had a great holiday! It also looks like the kids had a great time too!! Riley didn't enjoy Christmas as much as I'd hoped she would. I guess she's not used to getting presents so she does not know what to do with them! Hopefully next year will be more fun!! By the way, the cake you brought to my Mom was fabulous, yummy!!

Kristi said...

Oh yeah, and I love the new background and header picture!!

Genn said...

Cute header picture! You did too get some good pictures. You said you didn't get any. Thanks for a fun couple of days!! It was great.

We'll have to bust out the boggle more often too. That was fun!

Helen said...

What a great collection of pictures from a couple of busy days! Great family - do you think David will ever wear that shirt again? I especially like the Christmas Eve pictures - you all look so comfortable. And I really like your new header picture - a great picture of you and Greg!

Kris said...

Katie, thank you, I hear that I look more and more like my Mom all the time. And I also hear that my girls look like me. It was a wonderful relaxing holiday!
Lauri, gorilla bread is monkey bread on steroids! Paula Deen has it in her cookbook. YUMMY!
Kristi, Next year will be a super duper wonderful time in your new home. And the kids will be at great ages. I am so glad you all liked the cream sherry cake. My friend Anita made that for us one Christmas and included the recipe and we went nuts over it!
Helen, Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, I think David will wear that shirt again! Maybe on New Year's Eve!!!! He is such a hoot.

Linda said...

How fun to have the little ones around at Christmas. I am so looking forward to that in the future!

Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

I also want to try this gorilla bread! It sounds so good! And I love the pic of Claire and her stocking... she could fit in it!