Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have always placed tremendous value in my friendships. I work hard at nurturing and maintaining them, and I have been so very fortunate in having had so many wonderful, long term friendships, that I know have made my life richer, and brought me such joy. I have had some of the same friends since grammar school, and many from junior high and high school, that I am very close with even today, a "million" years later. One such friend is Sue Moore! Look at what she sent me today. Sue, your line has been busy!!!! I love it!!! And I love you! Happy Holidays.....and thank you for this special gift! We can't wait for the concert in February with you and Ron!!
Have fun in Seattle! Happy Holidays!


Lauri said...

That's a fun gift idea. I'll have to remember it.

Where did you grow up? Our family moved so many times...both when I was a child and in my own married life, it has been hard to keep in touch with long time friends.

Kris said...

Hi Lauri,
Yes, I thought it was a really clever idea too! The CD is great, and is full of great songs, that make you think of friends! I grew up in Yorba Linda. I went to high school at Troy in Fullerton, which is where I met Sue and her husband Ron. When my family moved to Yorba Linda, I was in the 5th grade, and I met Anita and Sue Day. They are still very close to me today. And there are about 8 of us gals that went to high school together that are still very close and get together regularly. It is so nice to have that kind of history with someone.