Monday, December 8, 2008

Helen came to meet Claire.

Helen came to meet Claire today. She came in the house looking a little like Santa Claus, with gifts for all of the kiddos. I think she liked Claire!

Here is Hannah trying to help Noah see if his new shirt fits!
Silly boy....clothes are FUN!!!!

See Noah....clothes are FUN!!!
Claire slept right through our lunch. What an angel!


Katie said...

My oldest is one of those boys who really does think clothes are fun. He's a little fashioniste. Very cute. Doesn't Genny look AMAZING?!!!

Kris said...

Hi Katie,
At least you have one boy that will be fun to shop with!
Yes,Genny looks great!!! Doesn't even look like she had a baby!

Kelly said...

Derek is just like Noah, could care less about clothes unless it has some movie charactor that he's really into at the time. And yes, Claire is an angel. I hope the twins sleep as much as she does! And so far we're thinking Janelle Sue and James Charles... I think.

Kris said...

I like it Kelly. But what about your Daddy's name? James David?