Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grovers Christmas House Tour, continued.

This Welcome banner is at the back door we most often, if not always use. My friend Ally sent it to me.
Can you see our Wheatie there in the window. That's Ducey. He will always give you the
" Wheaten Greetin' "

And there he is, just dying to know what I am doing out there!
Here's Dolly and Louis, all dressed up for Christmas.
Looking towards the front door along the giant ornaments.


Genn said...

Wow, that was one long Christmas tour! You really do have a ton of Christmas decor! And a great big house to decorate. I have hardly a fraction of the amount of stuff you have.

I never knew you made the tree skirt. How crafty of you Soozi Homemaker.

I remember the boot you painted with the mice on it. I've always liked that.

Cute post. Beautiful Christmas decor. The tree looks pretty, and I like where you hung the garland for the Christmas cards this year. Nice work.

Kris said...

To Gennifer:
S M A C K That's a kiss