Saturday, December 20, 2008

OH NO!!!

I thought my little table topper churn dash quilt might look pretty folded in front of the fireplace. We love to have a roaring fire, so really, I should blame myself for this. But, I didn't think Greg would leave the screen open either! He was adding wood and had the screen open while he got a couple logs off the patio, and next thing you!! So, my quilting friends...applique do you think??


Anita Lasher said...

OH No is right! How's about a Patch Quilt? I would be sick if this were me as I still have not finished one quilt yet! I would either patch it or try Bandaids! You could even stitch them on. Oh come on....... just try it!

Lauri said...

What a shame! turn it over and use the un-burned side.

Kelly said...

Ahhh, too bad! Sorry!

Kris said...

Aniiiiiita!!!! BANDAIDS!!! Too funny!
Lauri, it is kine of a unique quilt because on the one side it is a 4 square churn dash, and on the other size it is a large churn dash pattern. Two quilts in one. I am afraid it burned clear through to the other side on that one half triangle. is pretty much toast.

Linda said...

OH NO!! I hope you can fix it - it is such a pretty quilt!!

I scrolled down to see your cookies and cakes and they are jus amazing!! Do you ship the cookies long distance? My DIL is expecting in June and those shower cookies are just so darn cute!!

Kristi said...

That's no good!! How sad, I guess you'll have to just whip up a new one!! By the way, the bundt cake you brought over to my Mom's was delicious!! That cake stands frosting needed!! Yummy!