Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gennifer and Erika as babies

For those of you who know my girls and their children, this might be fun. But to anyone else it would be boring!
These are pictures of pictures, so not too clear, but you can double click and view them better. Not in any particular order. First one, is Erika on top at two, and Gennifer below at four.

Erika, again at 2, with spaghetti hands. On same page, the girls birthday. Two and Four.Erika and her friend Courtney(my friend Sue's daughter) Moore.

Erika and Gennifer. Get a load of that green fridge! We bought that for 50 dollars!

Eri at about 1 1/2. Her son Noah looks SO much like her!!

This one, Eri with the doll, to me looks EXACTLY like Noah!!

I used to babysit my nephew and two other kids. This was a typical lunch hour at my house.
Gennifer and her cousin Don off to their first day of preschool. They have been extremely close their whole lives.
These are Gennifer. Look at all that hair!
Greg's Mom Mac with Gennifer.

Gennifer at 6 weeks.
Greg and I with Gennifer on our friend's Pete and Helen's boat.
She had the prettiest thick head of hair. She was destined to be a hair stylist! I think Gennifer's little Claire looks a lot like Gennifer did as a baby.This full length mirror my Dad had given my Mom one Christmas. I have it now, and I have been looking for this picture of Gennifer putting on my mother's lipstick in front of this mirror for ever! I was very pregnant with Erika, and that is me in the reflection on the right hand side.
I have always loved this photo of my Mom with Gennifer. She was about 6 mo. here.


Maryrose said...

Kris, I love this post. Boy did that bring back memories of a time gone by. I do think Claire looks like Genn, and look at that hair she rivals Madison. I also think Noah looks just like Erika. Those Grover genes are strong.
I also enjoyed seeing Greg's mom. I think that is the first time I have seen a picture of her. And I have to say it, check out Don's shorts. Too too cute.

Kelly said...

What a great post! I love all those pics! And yes, Claire does look like Genny as a baby! I can't believe all the hair she had!!

Lauri said...

What fun pictures and great memories. It reminds me of when I first met you and Genn. Cute girls!

Kris said...

Maryrose, I would love to see a post like that on your blog. I will do Drew in a different post. Maybe tomorrow.
Don's shorts.....so cute...I agree. Poor Gennifer, I always butchered her hair. And yes, she had a ton of hair, not as much as Madi, but a ton! And check out how curly my hair is!!! Or was I should say. Strangely enough, after the hysterectomy, my hair went pretty straight!

Anita Lasher said...

Loved reading your post. I can't believe how much Noah looks like Eri. "Identical" I also love your heart quilt. The pic of Courtney and Gen is so cute too! I am absolutely freezing my _ss off here. They said that it was -22 with the windchill factor. Can you believe this? Pray for me! Haha

Kris said...

Oh Anita....-22!!! How do you even go outside??? Ugh! It is chilly here, but by that I mean, need a sweatshirt!!!!
Genny and I were just saying how much we miss your blogging! I guess you are too tired at night to bother with it, and weekends must be filled with stuff you have to do that you couldn't do during the week! But we miss your blog posts!!!
Hang in there....Spring will be springing before you know it!!
Miss you!

Genn said...

Cute post Mom. But, I have to ask... don't you have a scanner?? And don't you know how to use it? It is easier than blogging.

I think Claire looks much more like me than Hannah does too. That was a good photo of me with Gramma Mac and Gramma Fink.

Katie said...

I love the picture of you guys on the boat with Genny. I think she looks a ton like YOU in that picture. And I can for sure see each of the girls kids in them.

I met Genny at 5 years old and have memories of her looking like she did is some of those pictures.

Maryrose said...

Kris - I think I "will" do a post with the kids when they were small (thanks for the idea). Seans birthday is coming up so I will start with him. I may have to take Genn's advise and go get a scanner. It would be good to organize those old pics and have them saved to disk. Kristi uses hers, and loves it. Can you believe how old our babies are getting? Mine more than yours of course. Talk to you soon. Love Me

Kris said...

Oh my gosh Katie, was Gennifer that young when the two of you met? I was thinking more like third grade?
Genny, yes we have a scanner, and no I have not used it. Dad just scanned that one photo for you. I guess I will have to learn how to use it.

Maryrose said...

Kris I forgot to say, I had a bandana just like that, wore it just like that and thought it was terrific. Nice ............

Kristi said...

Kris, what a fun post. I hope my Mom follows through with it and does a post like that. She has no pictures of me though, I guess she didn't love me as much as Stacy and Sean. (That was for her eyes Kris, I don't really feel that way). You should try to use your scanner, like Genn said, it's soooo easy, I just scanned a butt load of pictures of Tim when he was a baby when his Mom brought them. Now I have all of them!! Thinking of, maybe I'll do a post of Tim and I as babies with our girls. That would be fun!! Genn sure did have a lot of hair!!! Where are the bows???? ;)

Kris said...

Maryrose, I wore bandana's all the time. I had long, curly hair, and it went wild at the beach! That is why I had it on!!!!! Crazy how it went straight again. Well,not straight, but straighter!
Kristi, I will learn how to scan. I have a ton I want to scan too.
Bows didn't come into vogue with the babies until after Genny and Erika were born. When Drew was a baby, every baby girl had a bow. I was so envious! But when my girls were in school, they were dressed to the nines. Nanette dresses, big sashes in back, bows to match every dress!!!

An Accomplished Woman said...

What a great post. Love the pictures. How funny.

Tawny said...

Ahhhh, those are so great! It is so fun to look back at old pictures!

nikkicrumpet said...

OH MY...is there anything cuter than a little tiny one with that much hair!!! Such precious little kids!!!