Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Today we had a little "Drop In" celebration to watch football, eat some goodies and toast to a New Year. I had honey baked ham with all the trimmings for sandwiches. Pototo salad, turkey chili, black eyed peas of course, chips and dips, pumpkin pie for dessert, chocolate chip banana and oatmeal muffins, and my favorite thing......champagne punch!!!

My boys
Maryrose and I toasting to a New Year
Drew and Sean
Kevin thinking about what to have first
Sean doing his magic tricks


Lisa said...

Looks like a fun day!

I hung out with my 8 year old neice and 5 year old nephew today...they are in town from Nashville. :-) Then Emily (niece) and I had a girl's night out to see Bedtime Stories on the big screen. Cute movie.

(I saw The Note, btw, on Hallmark Channel. That *was* a good movie.)

I love your new header photo. :-)

Happy New Year!

Lauri said...

I'm not a huge football fan but I would have loved to enjoy the spread you put out. You are great at entertaining. I need to learn a few lessons from you.

thanks for your recommendation on the movie. I'll have to check it out.

Kris said...

Thank you Lauri,
And when I read your posts, I often times think that it is I who could learn from you! In fact, I still remember quite vividly, visiting your house, the one before you moved up to Garretson, and seeing all of the wonderful decorative touches you had put into your home, and into the kids rooms, and thinking to myself, wow, I want to be more like her.
So, I thank you for the compliment, and I return it to you in saying, you always give me much to think about, and I see an awful lot in you that I would like to be.

Heidi Kaisand said...

Looks like you brought in the New Year in style and with good food. I can't say we did anything exciting...took down Christmas decorations and watched Henry and Jeff get the ice house on the pond (quite entertaining). But, I did make a mean batch of goulash for supper last night.

Kristi said...

Looks like fun!! I bet my folks had a great time, and seeing that Sean busted out his magic tricks I know everyone had a good time ;) He's so funny with those, at Christmas he was making water disappear and then pouring the cup with the disappearing water in it over my Grandma's head. We had so much fun!!

Helen said...

We had a quiet day - a BLT for lunch and watched the football game and another disc of Michener's Centennial - we had watched it a long time ago - 1978 to be exact - but are enjoying watching it again - 4 more discs to go. Wish we had been in California so we could have "dropped in" to see you!

Maryrose said...

Let me say thank you Kris. Everything was not only deeeeelicious but we had a great time. You went above and beyond as usual and the Kelley family enjoyed every last bit. Did you mention the champagne punch. I have to go back and look because I am supposed to be working right now. I will just go on record and say that was the best punch ever. Anyone who needs a punch recipe that is the one. Thank you again and I am looking forward to a great New Year and am happy the Grovers will be part of it. Love to you and thank you. Happy New Year.

Maryrose said...

P.S. I also want you to know I am sitting here "working" and I have a cup of coffee and two lovely oatmeal, banana, choc chip ????? muffins that I am enjoying immensely (where's spellcheck when you need it?) and again thank you. I need to hide them from Sean though. Oh, no need the're gone.

Kelly said...

As always, everything looks so yummy! Looks like a fun day!

Kelly said...

As always, everything looks so yummy! Looks like a fun day!