Saturday, January 31, 2009

Train Quilt

I was in WalMart fabric the other day, looking for fabric for some table cloth fabric for a bridal shower we are having here next weekend, and saw this train panel. It is a cheater panel that is already quilted, but I just loved it. I had already purchased some train fabric in the same primary colors to do pillow cases for Noah in. I bought this panel, and took it home and put a red Moda Marble binding on it, and Noah loves it. Then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be nice to put wide fabric tabs on it to roll it up and take it along to the park or whatever? So the next ones I will experiment with that. I want to make one for Hannah and Claire too. Claire, your curtains are coming !!!!!
Actually, I wish I had put some thread embellishment on it, like puffs of smoke coming from the engine car, and designs on the trees, his name, etc. But Noah was standing there next to me as I put the binding on as fast as I could. He runs his trains on the tracks on the quilt!

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