Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday Drew!

Our son Drew was born on a cold day in winter, February 02, 1989. We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, and were thrilled when the doctor held up a bouncing baby boy, weighing 8 lbs.- 12 oz. 23 inches long! If you can predict height at birth, then it was safe to assume he would be very tall. He is 6' 5" now. He was our easiest baby, and our happiest. He had to be. We had two girls already, who, at 6 and 8, were involved in all sorts of things. He grew up on the softball field, and then in high school gyms watching his sisters play volleyball. Then as he approached playing age, we spent our lives watching him play basketball! He still loves recreational basketball, but his first love is music! He bought himself a guitar at age15 and taught himself to play, and he now plays beautifully, both accoustic and electric guitar, as well as harmonica and is now learning piano. He must have gotten his musical ability from his great-great Uncle Joe. These pictures are a few of my favorites. I know, I know, I must learn to scan. They say it is so easy. Next time. The first few are early years, then middle, then a few more current. This first one is of Drew and his Daddy, mowing the lawn together. He loved to help. Course that stopped at about 13!!
His first car....a red corvette for his 3rd birthday. I can still see him flying down the sidewalk with his Batman cape on, blowing behind him in the breeze. How he loved that car!!

And hats...he always had a hat on. Cowboy hats, hard hats, fire hats, ball caps...any hat, he loved them. He was especially fond of his cowboy gear, and then later he had a favorite green ballcap he wore thread bare.
Just about everyone has a picture of their son or daughter on a pony like this. He didn't want to get off.
Just a cute picture. Sorry so blurry.

Here he is, looking like a tourist. And we were tourists. We were on the island of Roatan off of Belize. My folks took us on that cruise, and it was spectacular!!With his sister Genny and future brother in law Jake, at their wedding shower.

With his sister Erika in the warm turquoise waters of Cozumel.

With his Great Grandma, Nana on cruise ship at dinner, where he was famous with the waiters for ordering caviar, escargot and two hotdogs!
This picture on the left is one we had done of the kids many years ago. Drew was six, girls were 12 and 14. Gennifer snuck that out of the house a few Christmas' ago and had it reproduced in the same pose. I LOVE this picture. I will always treasure it! They were 17, 23 and 25.In his Santiago basketball uniform.
This picture was taken a few summers ago, at a friends house in Laguna Beach. I have always loved the pensive pose in this photo.His senior picture. He looks SO Much like his Dad here!!!

Taken this past summer at Bass Lake on vacation.
One more, at 18 playing his first "gig" at a coffee house.
Happy Birthday son, we love you!!


Maryrose said...

Happy Birthday Drew and also Happy Ground Hogs Day. Love the pics Kris. I remember that little boy on the softball field. My how time flies.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Drew! I love that post! Especially thepicture of him in his red corvette... that's how I remember him when we lived on Turquoise!

Genn said...

Great post Mom! Happy Birthday Schmoops. Lots of great pictures. He does look SO much like Dad in his senior picture.

Genn said...

I forgot to say, what a handsome young man he is too.

Lauri said...

What a good looking, talented young man. Happy birthday!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Drew!!! I remember I saw him when I moved back from college and he was huge!!! He was that little boy the last time I had seen him, I almost didn't recognize him!! Wow, I guess that means that I'm old too!! Happy, happy again, hope he had a great day!!