Sunday, February 15, 2009

Laura's Bridal Shower

Today my daughter Erika and I had a bridal shower for her best friend Laura. It was a lot of fun, and turned out really nice. I think Laura had a good time. It was a great group of ladies and a full house!!!
This was actually out front on the porch as guests arrived.

Erika wanted me to make a Tiffany Box cake. I learned a TON doing this. But the biggest problem was that the lid was too big! I am not sure how that happened, but I measured the top of the pan for the gumpaste, and should have measured the bottom. Plus, I added a quarter inch to each side, thinking with the icing it would be bigger. But a cake shrinks down too, so next time I will be able to judge that a lot better. The color was right on, and the cake was THE best tasting cake I have ever had. In fact, Laura requested this for her wedding cake.
I searched and searched for a giant diamond ring to put on the box top. Found one at Z Gallery finally. It was the perfect touch for this cake.

I have had a wicker dress form in my sewing room for a long time. I got the idea to take my wedding dress out of the box it has been in for 30 years, since I was married and had my gown professionaly cleaned and boxed. I love having it on my dress form, and being able to see it all the time. And when Erika asked about doing this shower, I thought it would be so fun to use it as a focal point for the shower. It turned out so pretty to use this.
This is the back of my dress. I used my daughter Gennifer's veil, and put fresh flowers in the neck of the dress form.
This is the bride to be, Laura, and Erika with a few of their friends. From l to r, Stacy, Shannon, Erika, Laura and Jessi.Laura and her Mom, at their table eating lunch.

Part of the lunch buffet.

One of the many pretties that Laura received.
Laura standing next to her cake.


Katie said...

What a perfect bridal shower. The cake is darling and I love the idea of using a wedding dress as decoration.

Lauri said...

what a fun, girly bridal shower. I love your ideas. You really know how to throw a party!

I also like that the bride came in a dress rather than jeans like I've seen so many brides to be come dressed to their shower.

Lauri said...
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Kris said...

Hi girls,
Thanks for the nice comments. I liked that she came in a dress too. Erika had planned on wearing a dress, and so did I, but the weather was cool and rain was a threat. We had intended to do it all outside, but moved it in last minute. It was about 1/2 dresses, 1/2 jeans. Turned out nice.

Kelly said...

I love the Tiffany box cake! Great idea! You are such a great party thrower!

Kristi said...

Everything looks great! Great job hostess with the mostess!!

Genn said...

Love the Tiffany blue cake! Looks so pretty. Everything looks like it turned out great. Way to throw a party Mom.

Maryrose said...

Very pretty and the color of the cake was beautiful. Looks like another Kris success story.

Jacque Benson said...

Oh the cake is just lovely. You matched the color perfectly!!
Great work!

Jacque Benson said...

Oh the cake is just lovely. You matched the color perfectly!!
Great work!