Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ode To The Crud

My nose is all stuffy, I cannot smell
My joints are achy, and I feel like....well...
My fever is rising, I can't seem to get warm
My Grandson is restless and pulling my arm
Get up Gamma, come play with my trucks
Play cowboys and Indians, and be my horsy that bucks
But Gamma is sniffling, and coughing and such
She can't be the Gamma that plays with you much
Let's play in the house, like we do when it rains
I'll get out the legos and puzzles and trains
We'll listen to Raffi and make up a dance
And watch all the reruns of SpongeBob SquarePants
Is it Friday yet? no....I think that it's not
I have today and another to get over this rot
Oh flu season, I hate you, won't you please go away
I am longing for a nice warm sunshiney day
Excuse me, but I think I shall go rest my heady
Oh, I hope that my Noah will let me...........


Janene said...

Here are some get well wishes from me to you...just keep the crud to's okay to be selfish..really!

Lauri said...

I hate being sick. It's nearly impossible when I have 150 students who like to blow their nose right by my desk or cough/sneeze without covering their mouth. So far I've been very lucky this year.

Love your poem...very clever!

Lisa said...

(((Kris))) I can't believe you can write such a clever poem while feeling so icky! :-)


Genn said...

Such a cute poem Mom. Sorry you feel so yucky though. Get better soon.

Anita Lasher said...

What a clever little poem you have created. Hope you fell better soon!



Maryrose said...

Hope you feel better. Riley and I almost came over to visit you on Wed, good thing we didn't. Happy Friday.

Kris said...

Maryrose....SUCH a good thing you didn't come over! Wednesday I had a fever all day, same as yesterday...but today am better. But sad because we had to cancel out trip to Ron and Sue's and the concert tonight!