Thursday, February 26, 2009

Park Outing

This morning I met Gennifer and the girls down at the little park we like to go to. There's hardly ever any people there, and it is close to home. It was a beautiful crisp day out. The sky was a perfect blue with wispy white clouds laced through it. Claire Bear didn't have nearly as much fun as her sister and cousin. But she was a good sport.

Uncle "Goo" as Hannah calls him, met us there for a while. The kids ran him ragged!
Turns out he is a little too big for the slide!

But he made it work once to please his little niece Hannah.
Hey "Gamma" look at me!
Claire saying, "are we done yet?"
I took this one and a few more, laying on my back beneath them, shooting into the sky.

Noah liked the zip lining with Uncle Goo.
Snack time.

I just liked this shot of Drew.


Katie said...

That looks like fun. Can you believe how amazing Genny looks?

Kris said...

She is a beauty Katie, that is for sure!!! Actually, both of my girls are.....and yes, I am biased!!!! All Mama's are. Thank you!

Genn said...

Aww, Katie you are just TOO nice! Thank you. I think the same way about you.

Thanks for asking us to the park. It was fun. Hannah is actually napping, which she hasn't been wanting to do lately. A little activity does a toddler good.

Kris said...

It wore Noah out too. So it does a Grandma good too. I have been getting a lot done. Now on to bake cookies!

Tawny said...

You are such a spoiled Grandma getting to spend all that time with your babies :) Fun day!

Kelly said...

Jason loves to take Derek to that park too. It looks like a fun morning! Great pictures, too!

Maryrose said...

Looks like a fun time. Running and getting tired makes for an even more fun afternoon with those nappers. I need a Kris fix, anytime.

Kris said...

I know too! I kept thinking all week we would get together, but the week was pretty hectic.
I hope I can see you this weekend.
I'll try to call later.

Kristi said...

Fun at the park!! I love to take Riley, she has so much fun and never wants to leave. Those kids are so lucky to be so close in age to play together. I sure wish Stacy lived closer, Riley could use a playmate!!

Kris said...

I know, it would be so nice if Stacy and her family lived here. Growing up with cousins close in age is a wonderful thing!