Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Genny, Hannah and Claire come to Camp Runamuk

Camp Runamuk was in session again today. We were enjoying beautiful 85 degree weather, and it was so nice to sit outside (okay, run around chasing the kids outside) today and enjoy it.

Gennifer and Claire Bear.

Hannah getting ready for her dismount.

Sitting in the swing discussing their next move.

Taking turns on the big slide.
Noah is TICKED!! I think Hannah forgot to knock or something!

Claire Bear in the baby swing seat.

Hannah looking through the telescope.

Mr. Bucket Head.

Gennifer and her girls.

A perfect afternoon at Camp!


Genn said...

Cute pics. I am a little afraid of my "whiteness". Couldn't you have given me a little Italian or Mexican blood? I am such a white girl. Better start working on that.

Kristi said...

You sure can tell that those two are sisters, and that Noah is their cousin! Such strong genes you Grovers have!! My Mom saw your blog the other day and said that she wants a Camp Runamuk. Looks like the kids totally enjoy it! How fun.

Anita Lasher said...


Looks like you have outfitted your Camp Runamuk. Love the name. I would like to make reservations for 3. Do you have hook ups? You know I can't do the camp thing without a potty!


Kris said...

Genny-I plan on visiting Camp in my shorts from now on to get some sun.
Kristi-Yes, Camp Runamuk is great to have. And the fence around the pool has made it a relaxing place to be now with no worries.
Anita-Yes we have full hookups! Just back your rig on in, and we'll do the rest!

Tawny said...

Those kids must have so much fun over at grandma's house! Noah's face is so funny in that one shot!

Nicole said...

What a fun grandma! I am going to have to show my Mom this and hopefully it will give her a little kick start!!

Kris said...

Like they said in the movie Field Of Dreams.....If you build it, they will come!!!!

Kelly said...

The comments you get on your posts make me laugh! I love all your cute grand kid pics!