Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite!!

My wonderful son in law, Jake called me this afternoon to see if Noah and I wanted to meet he and the girls at the little park by their house to fly kites! I said YES!! So as soon as Noah woke up, off we went. What a beautiful day it was outside too. Clear blue skies, and a nice breeze for kite flying. Gennifer works on Wednesdays so she wasn't there with us. Jake brought two kites, one for each of the bigger kids to hold. Noah had never done this before, and it took a few times before he realized he had to hold onto it. Jake had to take off running a few times to retrieve a windward kite. Little Clairy Beary was as good as gold in her jogger. She was content to watch and chew on her little toy. She is such a good baby!!!
Jake got both kites in the air and let each of the kids hold their own. But I think in this shot, Hannah and Noah were discussing who would hold which one. Hannah taking a little sit down while holding her kite.
Noah keeping his eyes on his kite.
Hannah running with hers.
Phew....kite flying is exhausting!!!
Hannah and Daddy, with Claire looking on from the stroller.
Just look at those eyes! What a doll!
From Claire's vantagepoint.
Noah got a little tangled up in the kite's tail. Don't ask! Hey cousin!!! Next time you can hold a kite too!
Thank you Uncle Jake! What a fun time!!!!


Kristi said...

What a great son in law you have! I think it's great that he wanted to include you and Noah in such a fun day!! Great pictures!

Maryrose said...

You are a very lucky grandma. What a fun day to have them all together. Well done Jake for including you. Loved the pic from Claire's perspective (very creative)

Kelly said...

Looks like fun! Derek loves to fly kites too! Hannah is looking so big, I can't belive it!

And yes I got your emails, thank you. I emeiled you back too. I think I will just stick to Sams Club cupcakes for a 3 year olds party. Good idea!

Genn said...

Great pictures Mom! Thanks for posting those so I got to see the kite flying day. Hannah loved it.