Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Photos

This was taken on week 4 of planting the garden. The corn has taken off nicely. We have several well established zucchini plants that look good, and 3 out of 5 tomato plants look good. The peppers are good, the radishes, about 1/2 successful and beans are all so/so. Seems like the soil on the far right is just too hard and compacted for the plants to do as well as we had hoped. Next year, above ground beds for sure! This Corona soil is terrible!
The mounds you see in the foreground are my two varieties of watermelons and on far left is one row of pumpkins. Those were planted on week two, so after only two weeks, they are doing well.
The strawberries are thriving!

On another note, Sir Noah has definately hit the terrible twos!!! Gamma had to give him his first "time out" yesterday. He wasn't happy as you can see, but he stayed put for the enitre two minutes.
And today, he is a sleeping angel, no time outs.....so far....that is. Note the pacy in the mouth and one in each hand. Cracks me up. If I don't have the two spares in the crib, he searches until they appear!


Lauri said...

Yumm, fresh strawberries. I remember successfully growing those in Corona too.

I loved your previous post too. Fun to get together with your sibblings. And the pictures of Claire and Hannah are adorable.

Maryrose said...

Keep those garden updates coming. I love watching the corn grow. Soon it will be as high as an elephants eye.
PS - Keep those lizards away....

Kristi said...

Mmmmm, tomatoes. If you wake up one morning and they are all gone, I didn't do it.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

My Boo used to be like that with his pacifiers. OMG it was something else. I still remember the day I decided to take them away. He's probably still traumatized over it.

Kelly said...

Seeing that pic of Noah sleeping really makes me want to go to bed now, instead of blogging. I think I will!