Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Mom

Mom had her knee surgery yesterday. The surgery took twice as long as expected, as the doctor found far more damage than he anticipated finding. Mom was right....the knee was a mess!! Two significant tears in the miniscus, and a tear in the ACL and in the PCL. Also found a piece of floating flesh in knee fluid, and quite a lot of bleeding. All is repaired, and after a very long time in recovery to wait for her oxygen levels to reach normal, she is back in the comfort of my brother Mark's home to recover for a couple days. The cast on leg was removed for surgery, and doctor says the leg seems to be healing well, although she needs to remain extremely careful with that, and can put NO weight on leg for probably another month. She is in a boot cast right now. So, she is kind of back at square one with recovery time. But at least there is no fear of falling with the knee slipping out, and once the initial discomfort of surgery subsides, she will be far more stable and comfortable. She knows how important it is going to be to follow doctors orders to the letter so that she can resume her active life and get to enjoying her new home on the lake.

So Mom.....hang in there.....we will all help to pass the time with you. Wine we come!!


deb said...

Does she do stitchery or x stitch...I did that when I broke my foot...also LOVED reading every magazine I could get my hands on...and books,,,ahhhhh, almost makes me want some down time.....JUST KIDDING!!!!!

Kristi said...

At least that surgery is over. I don't know if the recovery for that is as bad as it is for someone who is trying to get back into sports but I'll never forget the pain that two girls on my college VB team went through during rehab. I pray that it is not that bad for your Mom, I hope her recovery is nice and easy. Maybe she'll pick up a new hobby, make her a blog!

Kris said...

Deb..stitchery you say? She is still working on the alphabet sampler she started 29 years ago when my sister in law was expecting her first baby, my nephew Don....then she worked on it with every baby to be born. I think she may be on letter G now!, not stitchery.
She does read, but she hasn't felt like it lately.
Kristi, I started her a blog, but she doesn't know where her camera is to post pics, and I am not sure how well she would do with that info right now.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Kris!

JC Penny huh? I bet you saved a pretty penny by getting it there. both mty love seat and soaf were a special order from North Carolina. No place around here had the right style arms or the camel back I wanted.

That is some surgery your mom had!! I have degenerative arthritis in my knees and that is painful enough - never mind all the tears and bleeding. I feel for her. I hope your her recuperation goes smoothly.

hugs, Linda

Katie said...

oh my goodness! Please give her a big hug from us the next time you see her! What is her blog name??

Kelly said...

Oh wow... I'm so glad everything went well.. Tell her I'm thinking of her and woshing her a speedy recovery!!!

CalPeach said...

Morning Kris, I am so glad Mom's surgery is over. I hope she heals quickly. I know it's still a long road ahead, but at least she's on the right road! Man, her knee sure was ripped up - so awful.