Sunday, August 2, 2009

Don & Kaylen's Wedding Shower

The stars of the show...Donavon and his fiance, Kaylen. They will be married in October. The shower was given by our long time family friends, Pete and Helen. When Greg and I got married, they threw us a couple's shower, and then when our Gennifer and Jake married, they threw them a couple's shower, and now Don and Kaylen. They say Eri and Jeremy are next! They sure know how to throw a great party!!!!
The view from Pete and Helen's is spectacular. Main beach, Laguna is what is directly below. But yesterday was overcast so the view wasn't the usual, but the clouds kept the heat away, so it was a perfect temperature outside. This is Gennifer and Nana.
Deanna, Chad and Greg.
Greg talking to Pete.
Gennifer and Don. They are 3 months apart, and have always been very close.
OH MY GOSH...the FOOD!! It was fantastic! From a restaurant in Laguna called "Mark's" I highly recommend it!! Fresh salmon, chicken marsala, roasted baby veggies, green salad with candied walnuts and pears, baby red potatoes and various delicious breads. WOW!!!
The theme of the party was "TOOLS" and the decorations were so cute. Helen made cloth napkins in two different tool fabrics. Painters caps were at the entry way for us to put our name's on the bill for our name tags.

Waiters were circulating with appetizers that were melt in your mouth delicious! Filet mignon in tangy mustard sauce on toasted baguettes. Crab cake bites, and spicy shrimp, bruschetta.....all so tasty!
This is my brother Tim and his four kids.
Pete is an avid deep sea fisherman, like my Dad was. They did a lot of fishing together in Mexico and Hawaii. This photo is from an Austrailian photographer, and Pete bought the print at a charity function. It is a black marlin breaking the water to eat a fish, and in person it is far more amazing, but I had to take a picture.

This is a Guy Harvey painting that hangs in their home. I have always loved the vibrant colors of this. Guy Harvey is also an avid deep sea fisherman, and I know Pete has fished with him in tournaments, and I thought my Dad had as well. His art work is outstanding! I would love to have one of his prints.
I took this from the corner of the yard, trying to get as many people in it as I could. That is Kaylen's Mom in the black shirt and her Dad in the green shirt next to her.
Pete and my Nana.
Cousins, Tim, Gennifer, Erika and Joe. LOVE this picture!!Same group, only with the addition of Jeremy in it.
Deanna and Kaylen. My niece is growing up and becoming such a pretty thing!
Helen, my brother David (Donavon's Dad), Uncle Johnny and Sue.
Deanna and Gennifer-girl talk, I think.
Jeremy and Erika.
Me and my girls. (Drew was working)
Gennifer's "name tag" hat.
Chad, Don's brother, got this gift. A basket full of baby goodies. You think he is anxious to become an Uncle?
Helen made Donavon a special tool belt , with all he needs to keep a clean house.
And last, but not least, our Nana celebrated her 95th birthday yesterday! What a lady!

Pete and Helen, what a great party! A good time was had by everyone! Thank you!


Helen said...

What a fantastic review of last night's party! It was fun! Everyone had a good time - we drank untold amounts of wine (well, actually if you want to know it was about 18 bottles of red and about 4 white and many bottles of beer including a Corona - in the bottle - for Nana!). But most of all it is the people that make the party and they are all great. It was a treat to meet Donavon and Kaylen's friends. And Nana - what can I say - she is amazing! She even tried to convince someone at the party that it was her 75th birthday! I think they might have believed her!

Genn said...

That is funny what Helen said about Nana trying to convince someone she turned 75. Our Nana!

It was a great party, and that was a great rundown of the night in your post. You got all the details. Even the pictures of the delicous food and the tools theme, and the painters hats.

Great pictures. It was a good time.

Katie said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!!! 22 bottles of wine ;) I love that picture too of Tim, Genn, Erika, and Joe....what a good looking bunch!!!

Kris said...

22 bottles of wine!!! Wow....hiccup.......

Lauri said...

What fun. I've never heard of a couple's shower but it sounds like a GREAT idea!

Kelly said...

Fun, fun! Again, your family always knows how to have fun!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Great pics Kris. I love the one of you and the girls. Very cute.

Kristi said...

Looks like a fun time, and the food sounded delish! I too like the pic of you, Erika, and Genn. Good pictures!

Maryrose said...

Looks like a great time. Good food, drink and oh what a view. Perfect. Congrats to the lucky couple.