Sunday, August 23, 2009

Easy-Peasy Chicken Salad

I love the way my Mom made cold chicken salad. She cooked the chicken, and using fresh mayo, green onions, tomato, cooked egg, celery and cooked white rice!!! Yummy, Add your salt and pepper, and for a ladies luncheon, serve in nice firm lettuce cups with a nice thick slice of fresh tomato, or add the tomato to the salad. But I had a hankering, and no fresh chicken. So I made up some easy-peasy chicken salad for lunch. Using canned white meat chicken, mayo, sweet pickle, celery, green onion, cooked egg, a T of Ranch Dressing mix, salt and pepper. I added a piece of roasted red pepper to the sandwiches. They were gooooood!
I thought something was wrong with my camera to be causing these shadows at the bottom of the pics. But Greg says it is my camera strap getting in the way.
I am using up the last of my fresh melons I grew this summer. So good!
When we are camping, I like to do chicken salad on Ritz.
I will be sad when I cut into the last of my watermelons! This was one of the baby melons I planted.

Happy Sunday! We are getting ready to go have our family pictures done at the beach this afternoon. The kids got us a PERFECT anniversary gift. We are so excited!!


Janene said...

I am going to have to try that recipe for chicken salad. That is one of my favorite lunches on a hot summers day!
And the tastes of fresh sweet watermelon just makes my mouth water!

Katie said...

yum, yum!! I make mine almost just like that except I use cream cheese instead of mayo! Do you remember you, your Mom, and Nana making us Salmon Patties at Bass Lake??? If so, do you remember the recipe! I can still remember watching you and Diane crumbling the crackers for them and they were so DELICIOUS!! I'd love the recipe if you have it!

Kelly said...

VERY yum! I'm going to make that! I have to say though, I cannot eat any meat from a can, ever. I don't know what it is, I just can't. But it looks delicious! As does EVERYTHING you make! HOpe you got some great shots at the beach... cant wait to see them!

Genn said...

Yum! Looks good!

AND, shadow in your pictures!? Camera strap! You crack me up.

Kristi said...

Mmmmm, love chicken salad. My Mom made one with the rotisserie chicken and throws cranberries, red onion, and pine nuts in it. When I make it, I HAVE to throw in an egg or two, mmmm, yummy!!! The red pepper would be a great touch!

Maryrose said...

Love chicken salad... I have personally had the chicken on crackers and they are delicious. Thanks Kris

Pam said...

Your melons look so sweet and juicy and your chicken salad sounds tasty.