Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Act Of Kindness

I was up with the sun today to get a jump start on the day before the triple digits arrive. I was out front doing some watering, and saw my neighbor across the street holding something. I said "Chris, what are you doing over there?"
"Waiting for the trash man to give him a Pepsi!" My first thought was, how sweet is that? And then I ran into the house to get my camera!
So, I got this shot of him across the street waiting. But then the trash man didn't come and didn't we waited together on my front porch until finally I said you better go put that Pepsi back in the fridge, and wait til he comes back up our street. So off he went, and about an hour later, I hear the truck coming, so I quickly called his house, and unfortunately, he heard them first, and by the time I got out there, he had already given our trash man his cold drink, and I missed it!
Chris lives next door. He is going to be seventeen in October. He has Down Syndrome. He is the sweetest boy. And we have been blessed to be part of his life. Here he is across the street, waiting for the garbage truck to come by, with Pepsi in hand.
And here he is, standing out in front of our house as the trash truck goes by.

Here is Ducey peering through the front window wondering what is going on, and why he isn't part of it.
Here is a picture of Christopher with a good luck send off for Drew as he heads out on his first day at Concordia College.
Stay cool out there. It's a hot one!


Lauri said...

What a sweet story! I remember Chris. He lost his dog one time and it ended up at our house so Chris came over to pick it up and he was so grateful. Thanks for sharing...your story made my day.

Helen said...

That is a story that brings a smile to everyone that reads it! How often we forget to do the little nice things for others and how great it is to be reminded that we should!

Katie said...

This world could use more like Chris!!! How Generous & thoughtful & how sweet that you shared his kindness!!!

Maryrose said...

He is a sweet soul... and good luck to Drew on his first day of school.
PS - I thought that was so funny how he told you to get your camera... he knew a good post was in the making.

Kris said...

Yes, it is things like this that make us stop and take notice, that is for sure. Our church was doing a series on random acts of kindness, and we all got so much out of that. We should be doing it all the time. Thanks to Chris for reminding us.
Maryrose, I guess I worded that incorrectly, because Chris didn't tell me to go get the camera, he was just out there doing something kind from his heart. I happened to see it, and after thinking, awww, how sweet, my next thought was for me to run and get my camera so I could blog it!!!
He is here now, napping on my sofa, and Noah is in his room napping...I hope!

Debbie said...

What a GREAT story. I love hearing things like that. Thanks for sharing this one. Hope your son does well with his new venture.

Kristi said...

Chris is such a sweet boy, actually the whole family is awesome. What a great post!

Genn said...

Aaaw. That Christopher. I bet that truck driver really appreciated that cold (or maybe semi warm?) pepsi from him! How cute. Good thinking to take a picture. Makes for a better post!

And hooray for little Schmoopie!!!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Hi Kris...thanks for stopping by my tablescape! We are actually in the same neck of the woods in this great country of our! I am in the North end of the E.I. by the 15 up by Rancho Cucamonga, North Fontana area. So I hear ya on the hot weather!! Thank you for sharing the story about Chris. He looks like a sweetheart! I hope your mom does better with each passing day!! Hugs!!

Tawny said...

Ahhhh, the Paino's love the Moore family! Chris is such a sweet boy! How cute that story is, and the nice send off!