Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally Falling!

"Hi, come on in" says Louie Mouse.
Autumn color is popping up in the flower boxes, and on the walkways as you approach our house.
Changing gears a little bit, remember the oak shelf I got the day I got the little childrens desk from Goodwill? This is what I did with it. Painted it black, and hung it in Drew's room, which is now a guest room. At least until he comes home again, if he comes again.........

And the quilt rack I bought at the estate sale up in Big Bear a couple weeks ago, has also been painted black, and it is hung in the play room, with the quilt that my dear friend Jae made for me hanging on it. I love this quilt, and I love the use of black in a quilt. It really frames the work and makes it pop. Now I need to make curtains for this room. And one day, remove the paper and redo the walls that were damaged from repiping a few years ago. That paper was put up when this room was Drew's. The lower stripe was the same, but the border was antique flags. His room was all done in antique red, white and blue. When Erika came back home, and we needed to make this room an adults with a space for nursery, we quickly changed out the border to be neutral for her. Now, it needs to all go, but that is a job I don't want to think about right now. Maybe before the wedding sometime.
This is a room that sort of highlights our hobbies. Golf for Greg, and vacations we have taken and such. This is where Noah's little youth bed is, and where all of the grandkids toys are kept. A great catch all room for the telly, toys, WII and kids. That futon was up at the cabin that my family had in Big Bear and I have always loved it. It also makes a very comfy bed for overnight guests. This label was put on the back of the quilt that Jae made me for my birthday, and it is my very favorite part!!!!!
This is a Halloween quilt I made several years ago that is hanging in our entry way.
This was the very first quilt I ever made, 10 years ago. I knew nothing about quilting!!!! NOTHING. It isn't even bound really. And the blocks are terribly crooked. But I love the fall colors. And I hand quilted it!!!! It is on one of the wicker chairs on our porch.

I bought this oh so spooky pumpkin stand a few years ago at Albertson's. I love it with a real pumpkin on it, a cake, a tower of pumpkins, lots of things. It is a fun piece.
Front door baskets switched out for fall.
Oh, there's my kids............
Pool bathroom.
Table in kitchen.
Hutch on back porch, getting dressed for fall.

I made this Halloween wreath many years ago. I still love the vibrant colors! Below is a Williraye lamp that I keep lit in the kitchen. And near it, extra specs.....I have them all over the house. HATE that I can't read a thing without them!
I bought this pumpkin dish about 20 years ago from a lady who lived near me that did pottery. I love the muted colors of this dish.
A monthy "button up" quilt for October.
Another little pumpkin wall hanging.
I found this painted rug in a shop in Big Bear about 20 years ago. Love it.
Another quilted runner I did many years ago for fall. This is on the coffee table in the family room. That little fabric basket sitting in the tray I made last year from one of the tutorials on another quilters blog. Fun.
I ordered these painted fall blocks from Kindra at http://3guysagirlandaprimplace.blogspot.com/
That is a Williraye pumpkin and crows sitting on top.

Lighting a dark corner in my family room is this little lamp my Mom gave me several years ago. And the cloche has been filled with apples for fall.
Fall leaves atop the french doors going out to patio and yard from family room.
Drew's room, all neat and tidy since he has moved out. That oval mirror was a gift to my Mom from my Dad one Christmas. She gave that to me when she moved, and I love it. Below is a photo of Gennifer when she was two years old, standing in front of this mirror in my Mom and Dad's bedroom, wearing a swim suit and putting on lipstick! I love these family treasures, and all of the memories that come with them.
This photo sits on a shelf in the bathroom. That is a very pregnant me in the background of this photo!! Erika came a couple days later. Pretty soon the real pumpkins and gourds will be out on the porch, and The Great Pumpkin will be lit up on the house. More photos then.
Happy Fall everyone! It is actually "coolish" here today!!!


Lauri said...

I feel like I've taken a tour of your house. Thanks for showing me around!

Genn said...

Wow, you've got a lot of fall stuff. Looks pretty.

I've always loved that picture of me 2 yrs old putting on Gmas lipstick in front of the mirror. It makes me smile. I remember doing that.

Kristi said...

Love all your fall decor! I'm going shopping over at my Mom's this weekend for some stuff for my house. I can't wait!!!

Also love what you did with your recent finds!

Debbie said...

I LOVED touring around your pretty home with you. Sooo fun...I too love the pic of two year old Genn in front of the mirror. I LOVE quilts!! I have done tons and tons of sewing over the years, but never any quilting...who knows I might give it a whirl some day. Yours are very pretty..

On a different note, you asked about my son...He is the high school pastor for Maranatha, which is a large Calvary Chapel down in Rancho Bernardo (San Diego). He loves it. He of course mainly teaches all the high school services which is two on Sun. morning and one on Tues. night in addition to all the high school activities etc. This is great for him since he is still young enough to really relate to the kids and get out and play with them etc. as well. However, he has gotten to preach in the "big" church several times now too. Their church has over 7000 members, and I think I found it a little overwhelming at first more than he did, haha. He feels that eventully he is called to pastor his own church so this is all great experience for him.

How is your son liking Concordia?

deb said...

Wow, looks great, and now Im inspired to get busy and decorate, Im behind but this heat has not helped motivate me!!!! today is so much better!!!!

Katie said...

I think you should have a Fall Festival Party at your house!!!!! It looks so very festive!!!

Amy said...

I really love all of your Fall decorations. I need to get mine out this weekend. What I really love is that everything is special and has a little story. Your inspiring me to maybe start collecting things so that I have sentimental things to give to Taylor and little strories to tell about some of my things :) I love it!

Maryrose said...

Okay Kris I am now inspired to pull out the Fall stuff. I have been trying to hold on to summer but it is time. Everything looks great..didn't you get some Fall stuff all those years ago in San Clemente..? That was a fun day. We need another fun day. I know this is your favorite season and it shows. Beautiful job. :)

Kelly said...

Look at you, Ms. Festive Lady, you! I loved the tour. Yesterday really felt like Fall. However today and tomorrow, not so much.

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

I love all your fall decor! Thanks for sharing all the pics!