Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don & Kaylen's Wedding

Saturday was my nephew Donavon's wedding. He introduced his girlfriend Kaylen to all of us about two and a half years ago. We instantly fell in love with her. She is one of those that felt like family from the beginning. Their wedding was beautiful. It was a sunset wedding on a golf course, with the reception following. Everything was just perfect, down to the tiniest detail. This is a picture of Kaylen coming down from her room and getting ready to go to the wedding site. She was stunning. Our daughter Gennifer was a bridesmaid, and unfortunately, with all the hectic hustle and bustle, I wasn't able to get a photo until the ceremony, and none of those turned out. Sorry Genny, I hope you got some good ones with your camera. Gennifer and her cousin Don are 3 months apart, and have been very close their whole lives. She was delighted to be in their wedding. And she also got to do Kaylen's pretty hairdo for the day, along with some of the other wedding party.
Below is a picture I took of my brother David, and his son Don, upon our arrival at the hotel. I love this photo!! David looks so proud!
This is my niece Deanna. She was the guest book attendant. She is my younger brother Tim's, youngest child. Isn't she a pretty thing!!!

This is a picture of our pre-party in my Mom's room before we left for the wedding. L to R..Deanna, nephew Tim, Bette-my Mom's dear friend, Nana, and Mom.
Most of you know my Mom had a bad accident back in early July, which included a left broken ankle, torn rotator cuff, dislocated shoulder, torn miniscus in several places....and all of these injuries have meant she has spent the last three months going from wheelchair, to walker, to cane, and finally now...she is walking without a cane, but still with a boot cast. She has come a long way, but still has a long way to go with her healing. She was modeling her wedding shoes in this picture. I love it!

This is our daughter Erika on left, with our son Drew's pretty girlfriend
Diana. Some say they look a lot a like.
Here is our son in law Jake, with Claire. I love her big flower!! He had to get both the girls ready for the wedding all by himself, since Gennifer was spending the day with the wedding party. And he did GREAT! They were both darling, with their hair all fixed up and everything!
Our son Drew with his girl, Diana. Look at her cute shoes!!!!
Father and son.....I remember when Greg was the tall guy. Drew has passed 6'5" and he may still be growing?
I took this shot as we were coming down to be seated before the ceremony. That is my brother David coming up the steps. Isn't he handsome!
Mmmmmm, the cake!
The flowers were gorgeous!!!!! They were everywhere, and the colors were just so vibrant and Fallish!
This is my great Uncle Joe. He is Nana's big brother. He will be 98 in November! Nana turned 95 years young in August. Amazing!!!
It's party time now...and Jake and Hannah were among the first to cut a rug after the bride and groom. The expression on her little face is priceless in this photo. I just love it!!!
My Mom with nephew Matt. Matt is my youngest brother's oldest son.
My brother dancing with my niece Deanna.
Er Bear and Jer Bear.....this one is a slow dance, but you should have seen them bustin' a move!!!
Don's younger brother, my nephew Chad, dancing with his girl....the pretty Santina.
And this was today, when Don and Kaylen opened up their wedding gifts and David and Glenda's house. They got lots of wonderful things. They leave in the morning for their honeymoon in Maui. Hope you have a great time Don and Kaylen. The wedding was beautiful and GREAT fun!!!!! Congratulations!
This is what we all needed to do later this afternoon. Chad kicked it off for us....Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Katie said...

How is it that not only do you have a good looking family, but you entire extended family is good looking, too? Even the girlfriends are good looking.

I love what a close-knit family you have.

Debbie said...

I was soo excited this morning when I saw that you had posted about the wedding...I LOVE weddings and all the pics that are sure to come of the wonderful day...This one looks soo pretty. The bride in that first pic truly does look radiant. Ever notice how many brides really do look that way?? The pic of your brother and his son IS a good one. Your brother is very handsome and looks soo happy. Your son is 6'5"?? WOW!! The cake and the flowers are both gorgeous. I love fall colors for weddings. We did Mel's wedding all in fall colors even though it was in June, haha...Glad to see your mom has progressed well and is down to just the boot on her foot. Poor thing, she's been through alot with all of that...I'm really hoping Genn has some pics of herself as a bridesmaid, as I am anxious to see how pretty she no doubt looked. Have a great day Kris....

Genn said...

YOu got some good pictures, but I am disappointed that you didn't get any from the ceremony. I obviously did not either. Oh well. It was a beautiful wedding.

Kelly said...

Great pictures! And Katie is right... your whole family is good lookin'! Not to mention all the girls' hair looked great! I think we owe a lot of that to Genny, I bet! And no pictures of yourself or Genny... I'm mad at you for that! =)

The wedding venue looked beautiful and they had a nice warm fall evening... couldn't ask for anything better. Looks like it was a ton of fun. Oh, I'm also very impressed with Jakes skills of getting the girls ready. I'm not sure what the kids would look like if Jason had to do it by himself. I'd have to leave every thing out with step by step instructions!

Lauri said...

Katie and I think alike because I was going to mention what a beautiful family/extended family you have. Looks like a beautiful wedding. I have a niece that got married this weekend too. What a beautiful time of year for a wedding...I love the fall colors.

Kristi said...

I agree with everyone, you do have a good lookin family!!! Looks like a beautiful wedding and I too love fall colors for weddings, everything looked so lovely! Congratulations to the bride and groom, I hope they have an awesome honeymoon!!

I'm impressed with the Daddy dressing skills. I don't want to imagine what my girls would look like if Tim got them ready for a wedding. I can tell you right now what Riley's hair would look like, scary!!

Kris said...

I am chuckling at everyone's comments. Thank you, for the nice comments. But you should see some of us first thing in the morning!!!!!! And some of you already KNOW!!!
Gennifer, I actually did get some photos of the ceremony, but that guy with the stupid mohawk was RIGHT in my line of shooting them, and I was so upset. I did do some editing on them in Picassa, but can't get them uploaded to blogger for some reason. I will try again.

Pam said...

What a beautiful bride!

Maryrose said...

Hi..great pictures of the wedding. You have such a big need about 50 pictures to get them all in. The bride and groom look fantastic as well as your good looking family. Colors are great and your mom looks fantastic. It looks like she is doing tons better. I am anxious to get together. <3

Katie said...

Hi Kristy,
Thank you for all the encouraging comments. I don't feel well, but I think I'm on my way to recovering, but I don't want to jinks myself.
The wedding photos are just beautiful, Kaylen looks Amazing. Donavon and Kaylen make a beautiful couple. I'm so disappointed I missed it!