Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting Pretty For The Wedding & More Bread.................................

A few pictures of the pre wedding primping.   Gennifer is THE BEST hairdresser!!!  She always fixes me up.
This afternoon I poked my head in on Gennifer and Erika having their mani's and pedi's.  I was going to join them, but I had too much running around to do to get ready to leave in the morning. 

Tomorrow we leave for Vegas.  The wedding is on Saturday morning.  We are all very anxious and excited.  Especially Erika and Jeremy.  And for those who don't know who's who, that is the bride to be on the right, Erika. And our oldest daughter on the left, Gennifer.  She has been married now for over 7 years!!!  Where does the time go?  See you next week with pictures of our beautiful daughter and her new husband.  But before I end this post...I have to show our latest bread creation.  Last night Greg brought home my Mom's bread machine.  She said she doesn't use it, and she gave it to us.  We couldn't wait to try another loaf, since that is just what we do lately....bake bread!!!   So we made a loaf of bread, and then waited up til after 11:00 for it to cool so we could eat some!  Are we crazy or what?  Just wait til next week.  We are making sourdough starters, and we have all sorts of plans for our bakery!
This one is a Williams Sonoma model.  And it is about  17 years newer than the one I have.  It seemed to work much more vigorously at kneading the dough and it baked up a perfect loaf in less time than my old bread machine did.  I think we are going to like this machine.

I was in bed with teeth brushed when I heard the DING indicating the bread was finished!  I headed down the hall, following the heavenly aroma of fresh baked yeast bread, and stood there at the butcher block island with Greg slathering butter on this soft doughy goodness.  We have had more fun on our bread baking adventure this past couple of weeks.  In our 30 years of marriage, we have NEVER cooked together.   This has been fun!  Stay tuned to see what kind of carbohydrate concoctions we come up with next.  I leave you with one last photo.  I was laying in bed last night and remembered about a framed flour sak I had.  My Dad's Aunt and Uncle owned and operated a bakery when my Dad was little.  My Dad had an original flour sak from her bakery that he took and had matted and framed.   I wound up with this many years ago, and I had put it away.  I guess I better get it back up in my kitchen if we are going to have a boulangerie.  

See you in a few days.


Debbie said...

WOW...I must say I am quite impressed. The bread looks great!! I have avoided those bread makers because trust me that would be me, waiting up to sample my new creation. I LOVE LOVE homemade bread! YUM...and I LOVE the smell of it too. OK, I must stop thinking about bread, haha. I am soo excited for you all. How fun a wedding is. I will be looking forward to the pictures. CONGRATULATIONS to your beautiful daughter, and new SIL...May the Lord bless their marriage and make HIS face to shine upon them, now and always!!

Katie said...

You said that this bread machine is 17 yrs newer than yours? This looks Brand New! Did Aunt Diane ever use it?? How fun you both are having & sounds absolutely delicious!! I might have to look into to one of these!
Best of BEST wishes to Erika & Jeremy tomorrow! I remember reading somewhere that she was registered at Target, is that the only place?

Kris said...

Hi girls. Thanks Debbie. I am sitting here with my coffee, about to jump in shower, and then meet up with the family to drive to Vegas. I will be eating my homemade bread toasted for breakfast too!!
Katie, yes, my Mom did use the machine, but only once or twice. I it BIG! And I guess most bread machines are. Luckily it fits just perfectly on a shelf on my butcher block cart I keep right off the kitchen in the laundry room. So it is handy to use, but not taking up precious counter space when not being used. And yes, Eri and Jer did register at Target last week. But nowhere else. Hope you are doing well. And I am enjoying reading all of your new posts. I couldn't post a comment about your new pots and pans last night, but I tried. Lucky girl! Greggers got me new pots and pans a few months ago too. LOVE them!
See you next week, with pictures from the wedding!!!!

Maryrose said...

Have fun this weekend. Much congrats to Jeremy and Erika, and I am with Debbie... I can't wait for the pictures.
See you soon
PS Do you need me to come over and watch the bread while you're away? No problem...what are friends for?

Kelly said...

My mom gave me a mini bread machine about 5 years ago. i used it a few times. but you make me want to get it out again! your bread looks sooooo delicious. with all the yummy melting butter on top, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

and i'm so excited for erika's wedding. you uys are probably driving right now... have fun!! can't wait to see pictures!

Nicole said...

Congrats to your daughter and son in law! I wish them a wonderful wedding day! Can't wait to see pictures.

deb said...

Have a GREAT time in Vegas, so exciting........and that bread, wow, looks so awesome!!!!!
I cant wait to see pictures from the wedding!!!!!

Lauri said...

Your hair looks darling...that is the exact cut and color I want. It might be worth a trip to Genn. I'm anxious to hear the details about the wedding.

Kristi said...

Genn did a marvelous job on your hair! She is good!

So, Genn teased us with two measly little pictures over there on her blog, I thought I'd come over and see if the real deal was posted over here. And, it's not. This is your first warning. I need pictures of the wedding!!! And I need them now!! Not really, but I really can't wait to see how beautiful Erika was!! Glad you all are back safely! Now I'll get out of your hair so that you can post those pictures... ;)

Maryrose said...

Hellllooooooooo......I am waiting for pictures please.