Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lil Bit of This..Lil Bit of That...and GO BSU!!!

Our son in law Jake is a HUGE BSU fan.  He grew up in Idaho, and although he didn't attend BSU, he has been their biggest fan for as long as we've known him, and much longer!  And he has turned all of us into BSU fans as well.  Last night was a BIG night for BSU.  He had made plans a long time ago to come over to our house and watch the game with his father in law.  So, he arrived, wearing his orange and blue proudly, carrying his orange pom poms, with his new giant BSU flag that Gennifer had gotten him for Christmas!  Greg arrived shortly afterwards, arms full of pizzas, and ready to cheer on their team.  Greg ran in to put his BSU gear on, and I set out the guacamole and chips for the boys.  They had a ball! And BSU won!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!

While the fella's were watching the game, I was recovering kitchen chair cushions for Erika.  I didn't  take a picture until I had already recovered the first two that were the ones that needed it most. But anyone who has a toddler knows what havoc they can play on cushions with fabric!!!!  I found this PERFECT fabric to match their kitchen and house.  Their place is all in chocolate brown and black, and this fabric could not have been a better match.  The kitchen chairs are black iron, and since Jer removed the cushions for me, I don't have a picture of them back on the chair, but I can't wait to see how they look.
I LOVE this fabric.  It almost has a leather look to it.  I am trying to think of something else to do with the leftovers, I like it so much!

I can see this in a purse, or as a runner.  I love it. Did I already say that?
And I have a couple other random photos of who else but my favorite little people.... our grandkids, Hannah, and Claire, and Noah.  I was trying to get some pictures of the girls the other day because I don't have any good current pictures .  Especially of Claire.  .  She is changing so fast.  But, she had no intention of indulging her Gamma!  This is what I got.
And then, a few days ago, Erika and Jeremy brought Noah over to ride his new Quad.  He is a maniac!!!!  I was nervous just watching him.  He LOVED this thing!!

And now I have to go shopping.  My Mama is taking the family all on a cruise as her Christmas gift. We leave on Friday out of San Diego, and then spend a day in Ensenada, where I think we are taking a wine country tour, and then back on the ship, and home on Monday.
Bon Voyage......


Katie said...

I love that fabric too! That was a serious size bowl of guacamole ;) I am constantly praised on my guacamole, and as I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure you taught me how to make it many moons ago at something at your house. I use sour cream, lemon/lime juice, salt & pepper, & salsa in mine. Is that your recipe?

Have fun on the Cruise!

Katie said...

We attended a similar party to cheer on the Buckeyes at the Rose Bowl. Isn't college football fun?!!

Have fun on your cruise. Sounds perfect.

Genn said...

Looks like Dad and Jake had a good time watching the game. He said they did. Good pictures of them.

Guac does look good. A bowl of guac can never ever be big enough!

Have fun on the cruise!

Genn said...

ps- oh yea, love that fabric too! i want it. can i have it? :)

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What fun for the guys to cheer on the same team - especially when they win!!

That fabric is awesome! My DIL would love that in her house.

Have a great time on the cruise!!

Amy said...

Ahhh...a cruise. How fun! I like the fabric too :)

Debbie said...

I LOVED the fabric too. Really good. I am seeing a purse too. Your pics are good. We have soo many football parties over here it is hard to keep track. I thought when I had Mel that I would finally have another female to do something else with (like cover chairs, haha) while the games were on, but she is the biggest fan of all. Though she's into pro ball more I think. The Patriots are her team. But the hubby who went to Nebraska and played football really L0VES college football too. Soo I am pretty swamped over here. How fun to go on a cruise. Have a wonderful time.

Lauri said...

I'm not a huge football fan but I had the game on last night too and was cheering BSU on.

I LOVE the fabric. It really does look like leather. Where did you find it? Looks like you did a great job with them.

Kristi said...

Ohhh, pretty fabric, where is the picture of the finished product? I bet Erika loves it!

Gotta love these sports fanatics! Tim wouldn't let me take his flag down for Christmas, I told him he's lucky that his team is green, it works. I threw a red bow up there with it and pretended like it said Merry Christmas, hahaha!! Glad Jake's team won, that's always good!!

Noah looks like he loves that little quad, I will not be showing this to Tim, he'll get ideas about Riley, and that freaks me out!!! And I'm not going to show Riley either because she might get some ideas too!!! I guess these kids are getting older huh?

Kelly said...

i love the poms poms! haha

have fun on your cruise! should be great weather!!

Pam said...

Go BRONCOS! My sister and her family were at the game - what a win.

The fabric is awesome - it does look like leather.

Have a great time on your cruise.

Jamie said...

Hi! it's Jamie Smallwood (married to Rich Smallwood)! I found your blog through Erika's! Hope that's ok! Just wanted to say Hi and that I look forward to reading! :)