Friday, February 26, 2010

Mack Daddy Of Them All

We have lost count of the many wonderful loaves of bread we have made.  The other day I found this FANTASTIC book at Barnes & Noble for bread makers.  I made the ricotta and chives bread.  There are  no words adequate enough to describe this wonderful treat.

 It was moist like potato bread, and the chives gave it a savory flavor.  This would be good with a dinner meal.  Greg says it was the best yet!  Not only did I find this wonderful book for bread baking, but I discovered that I already had this smaller one too.  It is dated 1990.  So I must have gotten it shortly after I got the Welbilt machine from my folks.   I had flagged many of the recipes, and completely forgotten about having made so many.  The English Muffin bread recipe is in there, and it was obviously our favorite.
Both of these books are packed with great recipes we can't wait to try.
The one in the front is the new one.  It has hundreds of recipes.  GREAT book!   The little one in the back, also filled with many of the tried and true recipes we loved 20 years ago.
This morning Gennifer called and asked if I wanted to meet her at Dos Lagos.  She went into  Children's Place first, and then we walked over to the lake.  Hannah wanted to walk on ahead so I let her get in front of me and I started snapping pictures.  Then, Gennifer reeled us back so I could help her try to get some pictures.  The girls were not quite as cooperative today as they have been in the past.  But I got some good shots.   This location, here in town, is a terrific  place for photos. The bamboo bridge that goes over the lake is so visually interesting with it's curves and shadows.
Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself from posting so many.  They are so adorable!!!!  Jer and Noah joined us later for lunch at TGIFriday.  When we left, the cousins were saying goodbye, although it looks more like a football huddle.
You can't even see Noah in there.  Claire was already in her stroller, so she wasn't in on the hugs goodbye here.

 It was a fun outing.  Thanks for asking Gamma along!

Tomorrow is the day of the drawing one person to win the Hearts and Cake quilted table topper.  I will post a winner tomorrow, but it won't be until tomorrow evening.  I have a field trip planned with some of my quilting friends and we plan on being gone all day.  So you still have one more day to enter.  to win.  Just go to the post where I have written about the raffle.  Mom, Joni, and Molly.....go leave a comment to have your name entered.  I hear Joni and Molly are having technical difficulties leaving a comment, so leave me a message if you still can't and I will put your names in.
Happy Friday!!!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

That bread sounds soooo yummy! I'd be eating it all day long!!

What a fun time with the kiddo's and that bridge is so interesting. Indeed a great place for some adorable pics!

deb said...

What a fun day......the bread looks yummy, and I cannot wait until tomorrow!!!

Kristi said...

Great place for pics! You got some really good ones. Those girls seem to really enjoy each other, that is indeed a blessing! Oh yeah, and they are pretty dang cute! Great pics!

Katie said...

I'm dreaming of that bread tonight, it's gonna be a luscious one! ;) Looks so good!
That Bridge is so cute with the girls in there.

Genn said...

You got much better pics than I did. I love that last one of Claire's little grin. Thanks for meeting us down there. It was fun. And thank you for lunch!!! It was good. AND thank you for coming over tonight!!!!!!!!!

On the Bright Side said...
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Maryrose said...

Great pics Kris....
Please tell Mr. Sweet Life to check out my blog....I have a message for him ;)

On the Bright Side said...

I'm over from Genn's blog, stopped by to say "hi"! Your bread looks delish. And cute pics of the girls. I see where genn get's her photograholic tendencies. I wish my mom had a blog!

Kelly said...

oh i just need to come over have some of this delicious bread!

and love the pics! i love hannah's outfit!