Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday!

It has been a long week.  I am so glad today is Friday!  Greg and I usually go out to dinner on Friday nights.  I look forward to that.  Poor Mr. Sweet Life had a long week too.  He had to help me of course, with putting the house back together.  He had to drive to Vegas for work one day last week, and then again this week. Also to Bakersfield one day too.  Looong days.  Tonight we just went to our favorite local haunt...Island's.  We know the GM there, and he always makes our visits fun.  Last night our son Drew did a live show at a local music store in town.  It was fun to listen to him play, and hear some of his new stuff. Since he no longer lives here, I don't know all the songs he is doing anymore.  I miss hearing him play.  He was great.  Our friends Tommy G and Jae came out to hear him, as well as Jake and his brother Dustin who was in town visiting.  There were several passers by who came in to gather at the door after hearing the music from outside.  It was fun.
Spring is still revealing her fair face here at Grover's Grove.  I found this darling two tier egg plate the other day.
My three domed cake plates are being used as cloches for spring scenes.
 Have you been noticing how popular burlap is lately?  Everyone is using it now.  Pottery Barn uses it on so much, and so do places like of my favorite stores.  I see it everywhere.  I had several yards sitting in my sewing room, so I started to use it too.  I wrapped burlap around this spring grass with wooden eggs and just left a big bow on the front. 
I have been seeing lots of candles getting dressed in a little burlap wrap.  I used one strip for each candle, and then used some old jewelry  pieces to finish them off.
 I love the way these look. It really dressed them up.
The weather has been so nice that my grandson Noah and I have been outside most of the time.  I bought this little easel at a Goodwill for 1.50 and planned to use it on my front porch.  But I showed it to Noah and it hasn't been out on the porch since.  It has a dry erase board on the one side and a chalkboard on the other.  He is quite the artist.

We spent one whole day this week getting Camp Runamuk all cleaned up and ready for the first session of campers to arrive.  Hannie and Claire were busy with Uncle Dustin this week, but we are hoping that they come to Camp next week.  We are all ready for them!  That's it for this tired Gamma.  Going to take a hot bath and climb into bed and read for a millisecond or two.
 Happy Friday and Happy Spring. If you could only smell what I am smelling right this moment as the breeze ruffles the curtains in my bedroom, carrying with it the intoxicating scent of our orange trees in full bloom.  It is divine!!!!


Genn said...

I just did a post about tgif too!

Glad you got a nigh out with Mr Sweet Life tonight. You've both had a long week.

Hope you can rest up this weekend.

I'll let the campers know that their camp is ready. :)

Anita Lasher said...

Sounds like you had a great ending to a busy week. I love the scent thingy about the orange blossoms! I can even smell them. How bout this.... The brezzy scent of ice crystals which have formed their crystalization on the roofs and tips of the little grass heads. "not so much" Anita

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I hope you had a wonderful Friday night dinner with your DH!!

And send some of the orange scnet this way - yummo!!

Jamie said...

you are so creative! Yay! Spring!