Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prado Park

I have been restless.   I woke up today and it was way too pretty to be inside.  So I called up my son in law, since I know he stays home with the girls on Wednesdays, and asked him if he would like to go on an adventure.  He said sure.  So in 30 minutes, we had the cars packed with three toddlers, sandwiches, chips, capri suns, tea, water, fruit, and cheap bread to feed the ducks.  And we were off to one of my favorite destinations close by, that feels far away.  Nestled between the Chino foothills and the dairy lands of Riverside sits a beautiful park called Prado.  They also have full hookups and we have even gone in the motorhome to camp.  They have a lake with fishing, and paddle boats, ducks and water fowl galore, trails for hiking, horseback riding, several playgrounds, many beautiful shady spots for picniking, and  something for everyone to enjoy.  I have gone many times by myself, just to enjoy the fabulous birding they have there with the natural habitats for so many native birds.  I love to take pictures of the landscape, but today it was all about the three fast moving subjects we brought with us.  And much to our surprise and delight, they have built brand new playgrounds, with cushion mats beneath so no one gets hurt, and a great water park as well.  The kids had......a........BALL!!!!!  It was windy at first, so feeding the ducks and eating lunch was quite a challenge, but the wind died down and they played for two hours on those playgrounds without stopping for a second.
Some rock climbing
"Hey Noah....come on can do it!"
"I can't open my eyes far up am I?"
"Noah DON'T look can do it!"
"Phew...I made it!!"
Okay...back to the triple slides!!  Woo-Hoo!!!
Checking out the water wall
"Dad, I don't want to go home!  Can we come back again soon?"

Jake, thank you for coming with me today.  I REALLY needed to get out and enjoy this beautiful day! 


Amy said...

How fun! It looks very pretty there. How was the little water park? That place is just right behind me a little ways :)

Katie said...

Oh What Sweet Fun!!!
How Great that Jake Joins in with Gma on play dates, what a good Daddy!

Mrs. G said...

Oh my gosh! that looks so fun! I should take my nephews there :)

Genn said...

First off, I like your new header picture. Super cute. Love those daisies.

Second, your pics are getting cut off, and i think it's because you are using the x-large pic choice, but your template is not set up for that. you might need to go back to stretch minima to use bigger pics.

third, looks like i missed out on a nice day at the park. it looks like the kids had so much fun. i just got home and they are both filthy dirty. looks like they enjoyed it. claire keeps quacking like the ducks. :)

Tawny said...

How fun! What a neat park! I remember going there for Boy Scout stuff with my brother years ago but never remember it being so cool!
What a great son-in-law you have ;)

Maryrose said...

Hi Kris,
Looks like a fun Prado has come a long way. It alos looks like they have added alot of cool stuff.
You must be enjoying the heck out of that new lens, and you have the perfect subjects to help you use it.
Too cute.

Kristi said...

Looks like a fun day!! Cute kids, beautiful day, what could be better?

Kris said...

Yep..I am going back to stretch. But these were not xl. I hate to do away with my backgrounds though. I do love to change those frequently.

Debbie said...

What a wonderful idea Kris. The park looks like a good one. Such fun times and good pics. The kids were very happy campers I am quite sure.

I know how you feel on wanting the backgrounds. I LOVE to change them up too. Frustrated decorator I think, haha. But with the 2 column one that holds the x-large pics, I still can put a 3 column background on it and it works just fine. Just a thought. = )

Diane said...


Kristi said...

Hey Kris, if you still want a background but want the bigger pictures, you can do what my Mom and Debbie have done. You can still have a 3 column background. I can email you my tutorial on it if you'd like, or I'd be happy to walk you through it!! I'm sure you can also find it on my blog in the archives too. It's pretty easy to do, you just have to change a few numbers in your html code. Let me know if I can help you at all!! You know how much I like to help people, lol!!

Maryrose said...

Hi Kris,
I know what you mean about being able to change the backgrounds and your new one is darling by the way. Do what Debbie and Kristi said and then you can have the best of "ALL" worlds. Good luck!!

Kris said...

Thanks Kristi and Maryrose...I think I would like to try that so I can still have the backgrounds and use the bigger pics. You lose so much of a good pic when it is smaller. I will go see your tute.

Kelly said...

i forgot about this park! my grandma would always take us here inher canoe when they would visit. looks like as lot of fun!

deb said...

I have never been to this park, I need to check it out!!!!