Monday, April 12, 2010

Stopping To Smell The Flowers

We had an unusually busy weekend!  But we took a little time to pick fruit with this little guy.
We watched him pedal like Helio across the driveway.
He picked a flower for his Mommy.

She thanked her little man for his sweetness.
We bade them goodbye......with a smile, but first Geeps and Noah stopped to smell the flowers.
I managed to get a few birding photos later in the evening.

Included in this collage are Western Bluebirds, Orioles, Hummers, American Gold Finch, and House Finch.


Anonymous said...

I <3 this post! He is SO stinkin cute! Man I make a cute boy!

P.s. thanks for the produce! :) My fruit bowl & friends are happy campers!!

Tawny said...

Ahhh, Erika must LOVE all the great shots you get of Noah! He is getting so big! What a handsome little guy!!!

Kelly said...

those are great pictures. what a beautiful weekend we had! and i love the toms farms pics!

Maryrose said...

Looks like a great weekend at the Grover's Grove. Farmer Greg came over for wood on Sunday in his cute overalls.
Great pics, and yes I can't wait to see Bella on Thursday. Yay!!!!

Pam said...

He is adorable - love the photo with he and his mom.

Genn said...

Looks like your zoom is coming in handy for birding. Great pics.

Amy said...

Your lens takes really neat pictures! The birds almost look fake :) You are teaching me a lot about the names of birds too.

Kristi said...

Cute post Kris! Noah is becoming such a handsome little boy! That's so fun that you have girls and boys for Grandkids, it's a great balance!

Love those bird pics, don't you love your zoom?? Your pictures are awesome, would you like me to email you the tutorial on expanding your margins? I'd love to see these pics big!

Mrs. G said...

Erika gave us some of the oranges and avacados you guys picked, and I can't wait to eat them :) The oranges smell delicious on my counter! Thank You :)

Debbie said...

Oh Kris Noah is just soo cute...How you must enjoy him. And the bird pics? Most impressive. They are REALLY good. You are all becoming soo good with those cameras and zooms. Have a wonderful day...

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Kris, I just happened to see your blog and I LOVE the title of it, I joined your blog. Noah is soooo cute it must be hard to say bye when he goes home!!! He is one cuttie pie. I also love the pictures of the birds, hummers etc. My husband and I love to see the birds in the Spring and make their nest to have their babies, and I LOVE hummming birds, we have the water out and I take alot of pictures of them.

I also have a blog and want to invite you to it. I am having a giveaway on my Birthday April 15th, to make some gal out there happy. I hope you atop by and join and the giveaway is the second post down just leave me a comment and I will put you in!!

I will be back!

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