Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hump Day Happenings

Wednesday, half way through the week.  And this is what we are doing this morning.
The Sweetie Wheatie is still exhausted from a long hard week of roofing and noise.  Noah and I are getting off to some later than usual starts too as we enjoy the quieter mornings.
My Mother's Day flowers that Mr. Sweet Life sent me are all completely open now and looking so pretty!
I am trying to make a decision on colors for the outside of the house.  And will start looking for a painter next week.  I wanted to take a week off with no one working here first!
Gearing up to remake the curtains.
I couldn't be happier with the color of these in my living room!  They are the perfect match for this room.  And I love the sheer fabric.  It looks like this with the light coming through it.
And like this when it is not shining directly through it.  Pretty both ways.
Been harvesting some of my garden goodies.  We have had fresh radishes in our salad this week.  The lettuce is going nuts.  The peas are climbing the pole, and everything except one tomato plant is thriving.  No night time attacks of the ground squirrels and gophers just yet...Knock on wood.  The basil has been especially abundant!!
I see some pesto sauce over pasta in our future this week!  We have also been picking avocados like crazy!  We have 7 avocado trees, and three of them are Hass avocados, which are the best in flavor.  But all of them are producing fruit in masses this year!   The oranges are winding down, and falling off the trees, but we are still enjoying them too.  Lemon trees are loaded!!!!  Hear that friends?  Come on over and pick!!!
I moved my African Violet into our newly solar lit bathroom, and it is flourishing for the first time ever.  Hoping for blooms!  The pot that it is sitting in was a gift from my Dad.  My nickname from him was Mouse.  He gave me mouse related things my whole life.  I cherish these, even more now than ever, as my Darling Dad has passed away.  I have these reminders of him in every room of my  house.  Someday I will share the newspaper article that The Press Enterprise did about my collection of mice from my Dad.
During the nesting season this spring, my Bluebirds have now abandoned two completed nests, and one was full of eggs!   They have now moved once again into another one of my three bluebird boxes that I keep here on our property to encourage bluebird nesting.  I get several successful clutches a year, but this year with the house being tented, then roofing and all, they just keep moving.  I waited a couple weeks to make sure these were for sure abandoned, and then removed the nest so they would rebuild.   Now it is sitting out on my patio in the hutch.
Well it is shaping up to be a beautiful day out there!  Jake and the girls are coming by in a bit, so I better scoot.  Happy Hump Day!


Katie said...

That is one seriously sized coffee mug!!! ;)

I love your lil baby birdie eggs!!

Linda said...

My neighbor painted my house. He is very good...if you like I could pass on his number. I took your advice about the oriole feeder and I am amazed at how much the mocking birds love the oranges. The grape jelly is a hit with them all! Thanks!

Debbie said...

I don't blame you for taking a little break, but I am looking forward to the painting. Looks like your garden goodies are doing great, and I LOVE the nest with the eggs...

Cathy said...

I'm sure you are ready for some quiet time after all that hammering. I can't even imagine being able to out to the backyard and pick avocados. How great is that!

Pam said...

I love those curtains! I am so jealous of your avocado trees - how I wish they would grow in Oregon.