Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mom's Birthday Bash

Last night we had my Mom's Birthday party.  It was a huge success!!!   The party was held here.
Zito's is owned by brother Mark's friend Steve.   It turned out to be the perfect place for the party.  Everything was perfect.  Here is the honoree, my Mom.
Isn't she pretty!!  I think she  had a great time. We had just under 100 people there.  It was so fun to see everyone.  We had some of our cousins from out of state come too.
This is my cousin Jim and his wife Kendra.  They traveled from San Antonio Texas to be here for Mom.
My cousin Lynn flew in from Seattle to be here.  She is with my brother David in this photo.
The cupcake tower was as delicious as it was beautiful!
Two of my Mom's best friends are also celebrating their 70th birthdays, and we wanted to include them in this celebration!
Pat just had her birthday in April.
That is Pat in the center, with her husband Chick on the left, and Mom's long time dear friend Claylene on the right.
Bette is the other birthday girl. Her birthday is coming up in July .Here she is pictured with my Grandma-NANA.
The following are just some random photos from the evening.  I only took a few, because my brother had Grace Marie doing the pictures for us as well. 

I couldn't put all the pictures up, but here are a few.  The party was a lot of fun, and my Mom enjoyed herself so much.  Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!  We love you!


Katie said...

I love the OBB, Old Broads Bash Sign, just perfect!
What Fun!!

I love that photo of Claire & Nana!!!

Hope ya'll had a super good time!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, What a wonderful party and tribute to your mom-but seriously I'm thinking she must have had you when she was 13 or so cause she looks so young and you, my friend, who've been married for 30 yrs. must have gotten to the altar at 10-you both look so much younger than most of us. Love the sign too....
Hugs, Noreen

Debbie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful mom!! This looks like such a fun celebration, and WOW close to 100 people, is quite the birthday party, AND coming from soo far away too. I love the pic of Claire and Nana, and the banner ~ "Old Broads Bash" was hilarious.

Genn said...

You got some good pictures Mom. I only hope that I look HALF as good as Grandma does when I am 70! She looked so good at her party. And I love the picture of Nana and Claire too.

Diane said...

Yes, It was soooooo much fun.
Thank You all!!!

From The Old Broad.

Diane said...

It is obvious that your mom is a very loved and beautiful woman. She looks great! I, too, loved the picture on Nana and Claire. MLOL on the OBB.

Pam said...

Happy b-day to your mom! What a fun party.

Tawny said...

What a MOST precious picture of Claire and your Nana. So special!
Great pictures, what a fun party!!!

Amy said...

Looks like your mom had a great birthday! You got osme good pictures too :)