Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sale At Quilter's Garden

There is a quilt shop not too far from me that I love called Quilter's Garden.  They had a big sale this weekend in preparation for them to move to another location with a lot more room.  I bought several yards of fabric and one pattern. 
 Obviously none of these fabrics are meant to go together.  I love the one on the left.  Very Provencal looking.   Greg has been gone all week on a fishing trip in Mexico.  He just called to let me know he has landed and is on his way home.  I am always so ready for him to be home!  I had grand plans to do a lot of sewing this past week, but I  didn't sew a stitch.  Too much going on.
After the quilt shop, my Mom and I went to see Letters To Juliet.  Second time for me, and I may have even loved it more the second time.  Mom LOVED it.  It was so good! 
Very unseasonably cool here in So. Cal.  I know the heat will come soon enough, so I am enjoying this milder weather right now. 
Anyone a Grey's Anatomy fan?  I can't get the season's last episode out of my mind!!!!!
 TA-TA for now.


Kelly said...

OH YES! Wasn't that the best episode ever? LOved it! I was on my toes the entire time!

Genn said...

I was gonna mention Grey's on my post too and I forgot! It was such a good episode. We started it late, and said we were only going to watch a minute of it. It was so intense we stayed up late to watch the whole thing, and I had my face covered by a blanket half the show!

Pretty fabrics. I like the one on the left too.

A Quilter Awakens said...

Great fabrics! I fell asleep during "Grey's" this week. I know, right, how was that possible? I'll have to wait for the re-run. Karmen

Cathy said...

You bet, I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan. The finale was disturbing and leaves lots of questions for the next season to answer.

You picked up some great fabrics. Love the Provencal print.

Debbie said...

Oh I love the fabrics! I used to have soo much fabric at my house I could have practically opened a store. I'd see something I liked and was sure I'd use it for "something" and would buy a yard or two. It worked for years cuz I would always have something on hand if I really needed to make a gift or whip up something for Mel or whatever. Haven't done it in years though. I could feel the old fever coming over me when I got into the Thanksgiving aprons this year though, haha...I enjoyed that movie too and have a feeling I'll be seeing it again as well. Glad your hubby is home.. = ) Not a Grey's fan, but EVERYONE is talking about that episode ~ must have really been something. Have a great Sunday Kris...HUGS