Friday, June 4, 2010

A Day At Glen Ivy Spa

When most people hear the word SPA, they think massages, pedicure, manicure, facial, etc.  But for me, Glen Ivy is where I go to unplug.  No massage, no mani/pedi, no facials, although I have enjoyed these services before on previous visits, it is not typically what I enjoy when I visit this beautiful place.
I even enjoy the drive out to this majestic place.  The old oak trees, some standing hundreds of years, have been left undisturbed, as the area has developed around them.   A beautiful golf course stands to the right, tucked up into this beautiful and rural area near my home.
As I approach this little piece of heaven on earth, I am always in awe of the lush vegetation that greets me.  It is immaculately cared for, and yet, never do you see anyone "tidying" up.  Even if you are not a water bug like me, you would enjoy the beauty of this place. Some folks love Disneyland.  I love Glen Ivy.  It is MY Disneyland.  My place to separate what is going on in the every day life of the real world, and turn it all off, from 9-6.
That's my friend Jae, running to get a good spot by our favorite pool. 
Follow me, I will take you to the BEST spot!
Past Club Mud, past the Grotto.......
Across from the Koi Pond and Turtle Rock.
Over there, beyond the water fall.  Between the outdoor cafe, and the locker rooms.  Where your Paradise Tea can be refilled all day long.  Where the restrooms are clean and constantly replenished with fresh fluffy towels, and the tall icy crocks of water wait  to quench your thirst.
Yes, right here!  That is my friend Jae, enjoying her book.  Jae always says the same thing, every time, after getting all settled into our spots.  After getting all lathered up in our sunscreen, our books out, sunglasses on, iced tea at the ready.  She sighs and says..." Ahhhh, I wonder what the rich people are doing today?"
The people started to arrive, filling up the rafts in the float pool. But it was never crowded, all day.  Perfect.
We had a delicious lunch in the Cafe  Sol.  I had a Thai noodle dish.  And Jae had the brick oven sausage pizza with salad.  We both had homemade cookies for dessert.
I had already mutilated it by taking off the jalapeno's and giving Jae some of my other goodies on top.  It was delish!
We sat in the shade enjoying our lunch break and gabbed and people watched.  What a place to people watch too.  Here is Jae telling me about their domino tournament with Dale and Kathy on Memorial Day, and getting home at 3:30 a.m.!  I told her she was way too old to be carrying on that way!!!
It was a perfect day.  Thanks for sharing it with me Jae.
Til we meet again Glen Ivy.  Thanks for recharging my battery!


Katie said...

I don't think I've ever been to Glen Ivy, I thought I had, but none of that looks familiar, although I swear I have been there with my friend Amy.
Any how, Looks like a great way to spend the day with a gf!! Hope you had a great day off!

Meghann P. said...

Hi Kris!

Greetings from Glen Ivy! I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful day and your pictures are amazing! We're so happy that you can come here and "unplug." Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon sipping on some Paradise Tea or lounging in your spot!

To your health and happiness,


Genn said...

Oh I wish I was there right now. I wish I wish I wish. Do you think if I click my heels and say it three times I will just appear there? I wish I wish I wish...

Linda said...

I just love Glen Ivy. I am planning a trip with my sons and their girlfreiends at the end of the month!

Pam said...

That is definitely my idea of the perfect day. Fun, fun, fun.

Mrs. G said...

You can never go wrong with a day at Glen Ivy.. I love that place, and your post is making want to go there ASAP!!!

Kelly said...

looks like a relaxing day! that pasta looks delicious!

Katie said...

What a beautiful place. I would love to go there.

Kathleen said...

My girlfriend just told be about Glen Ivy! I can't wait to go there!

john said...

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