Friday, June 18, 2010


They did it!  The Lakers forced a game 7 and then pulled out the win!!!!!  Mr. Grover was smiling last night!!!
And early this morning, I had to go out in my nightie to snap a couple pictures of him as he left the house.
Here he is getting his car all ready for the drive in to work.
And there he goes with Lakers flags on each side of his car, Laker's champions hat on (it was last years hat, and he took a sticky note and wrote the number 16 on it to cover up the number 15 that was already there) Lakers jersey on, and a big smile on his Lakers Lovin' face!!!  It was a great game.  I even watched most of it with him.
Last night's bounty from my garden.  I am beginning to pick the boysenberries now.  I think there could be a pie in our near future!
Now all I need is my chicken coop, so we can have farm fresh eggs, and maybe a goat so I can make cheese.  Then we can live off the land!!!  But we would have to be vegetarians I suppose, because I couldn't raise a pick or cow and then eat it!
Mr. G is finally noticing a tiny bit of improvement in his leg pain.  He is going to have an MRI next week, and we will know more at that time.  The doctor would like to rule out any chance of back problems before proceeding to treat him for nerve pain.  In the mean time, he was instructed to double up on his gabapentin, and this could very well be the reason for the improvement in how he has felt the past two days. 
Happy Friday my friends.


Lauri said...

I had the game on too last night and watched the 2nd half. Go Lakers!!!

Your garden bounties look fabulous. I'm going over to my brother's house this afternoon to pick some of their stuff while they're out of town. Next best thing to having my own garden.

Linda said...

Such beautiful squash...I only have tomatoes right now. The others have fruit, but none ready to eat yet.

Genn said...

That picture of Dad with his Lakers flags on his car made me laugh. So very Dad. Glad they won and made him happy. :)

Your garden foods look so good.

NanaNor's said...

Happy Friday Kris, It is so good to see your hubby up and about and looking as if he feels pretty good-of course with the Lakers doing well how can he not be?! Love the bounty from your garden-oh to have fresh and not buy at the market would be wonderful.
Have a glorious weekend, I pray your pain is totally gone as well.
Hugs, Noreen

Katie said...

Your Garden Goodies look so fresh & yummy!

Happy Weekend to you guys

Pam said...

Go Lakers! I am glad your husband's team won.

I love all of your garden bounty! Looking forward to seeing some recipes using your squash and zucchini.