Monday, July 26, 2010

Mesquite Tuna Steaks & Coconut Ice Cream

Last night, we felt like we were in The Islands!  Mr. G had mentioned wanting to try to find a recipe for some coconut ice cream to try.  We had some in Hawaii that was too delicious to describe!  It was almost pudding like in consistency.  Me not being an ice cream lover and all, I have to say, I did love this.  So after finding a recipe, we went in search of the ingredients.  And let me tell you...sweet coconut milk.....not so easy to find.  Four stores later, including our regular shopping at Sam's and Fresh & Easy, we finally found it.   We also were in search of some fresh fish for grilling.  We bought some beautiful tuna steaks.
I marinated these in olive oil, fresh cracked sea salt, cracked pepper, and the juice of one lime with zest.  Seal in ziplock bag and marinate an hour.  Mr. G grilled them on our mesquite logs.  Which reminds me, we must get back to Sam's and purchase a couple more bags of this wonderful bbq goodness before they run out!  I picked some fresh yellow squash.  Split them lengthwise, drizzled with olive oil, s & p and those went down on the grill as well.
I made a quick salad with fresh greens, and cucumber and tomato from the garden.  Tossed it in a smokey chipotle dressing from F & E and dinner was done very quickly.  
We sat down in our usual seats, when we are the only two here eating, shamefully, on the sofa in front of the telly to watch our most recent guilty pleasure....The Tudors...more about that later.   This simple dinner was to die for delicious.  The tuna was melt in your mouth fresh with that smokey mesquite good.  The squash too, was cooked to perfection, still had a bit of crunch to it, and it goes without saying that veggies from your garden, picked minutes before eating them, just can't be beat.
And for dessert......
A taste of The Islands.  Fresh coconut ice cream with pineapple spears.  A perfect meal!
Now, about The Tudors.  It is a series on Showtime.  We purchased the first season and have been devouring it each night!  SO-SO good.  I love this time period, and this series is done so well.  The costumes alone are fascinating. But the story is great!  I have Elizabeth and The Golden Years on order from Netflix to watch, which is the same time period and same storyline.  I can hardly wait for tonight to see another episode, and maybe two if we aren't too tired.
Last week, on the kiddie channels, they have been airing commercials for Zoo Pals paper plates.  Every time these come on, Noah goes nuts!  He laughs, and dances, and just gets so excited.  Yesterday I found them in Target and you know I had to buy some.  So fist thing this morning after he woke up, I showed them to him.
I told him to pick out which one he wanted to have his breakfast on.  He had a hard time deciding, but finally, a decision was made.
THIS ONE GAMMA...and so breakfast was served.
On the sofa.  Table raised.  In front of the telly.  Yea....that's right.   It's Gamma's house!


Maryrose said...

Sounds like a great dinner. I almost did ice cream this weekend too. I need a recipe for vanilla, that is Kevin's request. I think we will do ice cream next weekend. Where did you find your fish? It looks great. Looking forward to Thursday, do you need me to bring anything?
Enjoy your day...M

Genn said...

That coconut ice cream looks soooo good. I want some.

And those zoopals plates. Hannah screamed at the commercial this morning, shouting I want those! I want those! I hope I can find some at Target too. Which section are they in? With the other paper goods?

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, So good to hear about your weekend meal-I was at my girls last night and she made(this is the only thing she uses now)coconut ice cream with fresh strawberries and bananas.
I didn't think I'd like the bananas but actually it was good. I have found though that in using coconut milk or goats milk for ice cream it tends to be soupier than the real stuff-don't quite understand why.
The AHI looked great too! I just found Coconut Milk was carried both in our Safeway(not unsweetened)and also at Whole Foods. I bet that Trader Joes would carry it. I actually like it better for my coffee than almond milk.
Have a great evening.
Hugs, Noreen

Lauri said...

Your meal looks yummy and I don't even like sea food! And that ice cream sounds wonderful.

Pam said...

What a meal!! Your little guy is so darn sweet.

Popcorn Served Daily said...

Okay, now what time is supper time? Party of one please.

Gamma's house looks like fun!


Tawny said...

Mmmm, that fish looks delicious! The only way I know how to cook fish is fish tacos (totally unhealthy style!)...any other yummy recipes :) Those zoo plates are the cutest, my kiddos love them too!