Saturday, July 10, 2010

We have recently reconnected with some good friends that moved out of state about 20 years ago.  Kevin, was Greg's best friend in high school.  He was the best man in our wedding.  And Greg was the best man in their wedding.  They have two daughters right around our girls age.  They moved to Oregon, and then we lost track of them.  I found them.  They are now in Arizona, after following their daughters to ASU.  We were so happy and excited to be spending the evening and day with them.  We picked up right where we left off.  The guest room all ready and waiting for them.
The goodies ready and waiting.
After they arrived last night from Arizona, we came inside and had a light snack of caprese.  Visiting about this and that, and how long it had been.  We then headed over to Island's for dinner, where the conversation never lagged.  After dinner we came back to our house for home made ice cream with fresh berries.  More visiting.  Staying up til about midnight, we caught up and laughed, and finally said our goodnights. 
This morning after our breakfast,  we wandered out to the grove and showed them around.  They were amazed at all the avocados!
Here they are....buddies way back then, and so happy to be together again sharing their stories.  Boy was it great to see the two of them together!!!
Here are Kevin and Karen and Greg.
And one of Kevin and Karen.
 Greg and Kevin "blowing it up" over breakfast on the patio.
 We had a surprise visit from Jake and our grandgirls.
Karen brought me an aloe vera plant that she grows at her home in Arizona.  And a box of yummy lotions and smell good! 
The time flew, and before we knew it, we had to say goodbye so they could get on the road again to visit Kevin's Mom.   Greg set up the tripod and took a couple of pictures before they left.
 It was SO great to see them!  It has been way too long, and we won't ever let that happen again.  It was a short visit, but we had a great time!  Can't wait to see to see them again in October.  
Kevin...those 8 x 10 glossies will be in the mail soon. 


Jamie said...

that's so cool! You are such a great hostess with all the goodies and room set up- I'm sure they felt welcomed and comfortable. Isn't it amazing with technology these days how you can connect and find people! that's what has amazed me about facebook!

Your house looks GREAT! All that work paid off! So gorgeous!

Btw, we are moving to Menifee, by Canyon Lake kinda. It's a community off McCall called Heritage Lake, about 4-5 years old I think. It's a little ways out but it's really affordable out there and beautiful! We love it. Next summer you and Genn and Erika should come out with the girls and we could go to that water park- it's awesome!

Genn said...

Looks like it was a great visit!! That's so crazy that you had lost touch, and just picked up where you left off. That's so cool. Wish I could of met them too. Glad you had fun. You are such a good hostess. :)

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

How awesome to find them and then get an extended visit! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and I am certain the next time won't be so long a coming!

Katie said...

Oh what fun to find long lost friends and reconnect, I bet they loved staying at your place! Did you find them thru Facebook? I get to have coffee tomorrow am with an old friend of mine from MO that is here for the weekend, I love how you can keep track of everyone that way!

Kelly said...

you are the cutest hostess ever! and all those goodies made me hungry! thats so neat that you reconnected after all this time. there was this girl in my wedding that i just can't seem to get rid of! lol... jk

Linda said...

It's nice that you could reconnect after so many years. We lose track of too many people because we are just busy living. Glad to see you got together!

The Garden Bell said...

Looks like great times were had by all and you had quite the weekend. So, nice all still got along like not a day was missed. By the way, I love you 4th front door decor and that mouse, that oute, cute yard hose mouse. What a fab idea.


NanaNor's said...

Happy Monday Kris, Loved reading this post-you and your man remind me of me and mine-we are very faithful friends for life. How wonderful to reconnect and have them visit. Loved seeing your guest room and of course the cloches filled with goodies. What a wonderful way to take up where you left off. Glad the grands stopped by too. Is the avocodo orchard yours?
Have a wonderful evening.

Jennifer said...

That just sounds lovely...."old" friends are certainly some of the dearest. And what a lovely hostess - I love how you have your goodies set out. How fun it will be to stay in touch now:)

Lauri said...

wow, you really know how to treat your guests well. Love the guest room and all of the yummy treats. What a fun time together.

Pam said...

It's so great to reconnect with friends. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Maryrose said...

Hi Stranger,
Looks like a great time. I am back from NY and looking forward to some Grover time. Hope all is well, maybe we can get together.

Anonymous said...

what does "blowin it up" mean???

Kris said... know...pound it, as if knucks, then blow it up!!! I will have to show you.

Anonymous said...

it sounds bad ... I thought they were farting & high fiving each other lol

Kris said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard I am crying!!! I guess maybe it did sound like that!!! LOL!~!!