Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Bear Part 2

Early in the week, my Mom came up for a couple of days. She hadn't been to her cabin since winter. Last winter was one of the biggest snowfalls that Big Bear had seen in many years. It was hard to get up there, and the snow was piled so high, you couldn't even open the back door to get to the wood. We were there in March, and still, the deck was 4 feet high in snow!
The first thing we did, was go pick up some sandwiches at this great place called Bear Belly Deli. The best sandwiches!! Then head on over to the boat.
Do you see that guy jumping off the boulder?  At Big Bear Lake there are lots of rock formations that people like to jump off of.  I used to do it too, in younger days.  That water is C. O. L. D!!!  Nowadays, I just watch the action from the front of the boat, in a prone position.
The next night, Mom went in to town and bought some nice steaks and all the fixins', including a layered potato dish TO DIE FOR......and we had  Ron and Sue to our place for dinner.
We had a nice evening, and some very lively conversation.
And for dessert.....let me tell you!  We also discovered a gem of a place this trip, that has been there for many years.  It has intrigued us with the name, but we had never been in.  What a mistake!  It was great!  It is right on the Blvd, next to the Boulder Bay, called Blanca & Pierre's.  Teeny tiny little place, where the owner, Blanca bakes the most wonderful pies and confections!!
The boysenberry pie rivals any of the best I have ever tasted!  We had it hot a' la'mode.  And just  because we were on vacation, we bought two giant cinnamon rolls with maple icing, and two homemade apple dumplings.  Oh my!
Mama went on home the next day, and Ron and Sue had to go down the hill to take care of some things, so Greg and I got up and went on an adventure.  I had seen that the Snow Summit Ski Lifts were operating, and I wanted to go check it out.  Turns out, in the summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you can ride the chair for 12 dollars, round trip, to the top of  Snow Summit.  You can ride up and right back down.  Or you can get off and hike, have a picnic, eat at the mountain high cafe where they bbq burgers and dogs, have a cold brew, or just sit and enjoy the beauty all around you. It is also a mountain bikers dream day.  You can hang your bike on provided hooks that attach to the chairs, and ride up to enjoy the many trails that await you at the top.  Or you can ride straight down the mountain.  NOT my idea of fun, but looked like a lot of people were having a ball doing just that.  It was a highlight of our trip!  Had I known that you could get off and hike and all of that, I certainly would not have worn flip flops!
Away we go......Up...Up...Up!
We got to the top after a long and stunningly beautiful ride, and hiked around a bit.
There was still snow in the valleys across the way.  It was just so beautiful, and quiet.  We sat up on boulders and listened to the wind swish between the pines.  There were monarch butterflies all around.  It was just magical.  After hiking around, huffing and puffing in the 8,000 foot altitude, we both realized just how out of shape we were.  We were ready to go sit down and have a cold drink.
As we were sitting there, enjoying the views, and our ice cold brew, I was thinking to myself what a GREAT way to have a really fun DATE!!!  I wish I knew someone who was trying to come up with a unique date idea to wow their gal!  You don't have to have their bbq or drinks, you can pack a picnic, and an ice chest, and bring  that up with you.  How fun would it be, to be picked up for a date, not knowing where you were going, and have your boyfriend or husband arrange for picnic lunch, to be had  among the pines in a beautiful setting such as this?  The chair lifts are large, and you could easily fit two adults, and all the things needed for a fantastic day at the very top of Snow Summit!  In fact, we saw this adventurous couple coming up the mountain as we were heading down.
I was imagining all sorts of special ways to have this date.  Picking up sandwiches and side salads and Bear Belly Deli, a nice bottle of wine, a well worn quilt to spread out on the ground for our picnic, Blanca's boysenberry pie for dessert.  And how fun would it be to be proposed to this way?  Right up my ally.  Oh the fun it would be. 
On the way down, the views were breath taking!
The next time we go, we will both be wearing our hiking boots!  And we will go up on the 9:00 chair, and stay the day!!  If you are anywhere close to Big Bear Mountain, I highly recommend you try this fun adventure!
Stay tuned for part Three of our Big Bear vacation.


Larissa said...

The trip up the chairlift is a great idea!! We're hoping to head up there soon too, and we're totally going to do it with our kids.... thanks for the idea!

Posy Linda said...

I am so very very envious! Big Bear looks so beautiful. Looking forward to part 3!!!!!

Diane said...

Who the hell is that old lady talking to you and Sue?

NanaNor's said...

Incredible photos Kris; I've never been there but one of my dear friends grew up going there every summer. Makes me want to visit this area.
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Noreen

Lauri said...

Makes me miss Big Bear. So beautiful!

Debbie said...

Oh Kris you have soo totally sold me on this idea. I miss Big Bear. We use to go up every summer...course like I told you we were up there year round when I was growing up as my parents had that cabin. What wonderful pictures...sooo pretty. I can hear the breeze blowing through the tress and smell the pine and taste that blueberry pie....I was thinking I should have you over for lunch soon. And Diane too. I think we would have a wonderful time. Let me know if one day or another works better for you...Have a wonderful day...HUGS

Kris said...

Hi Debbie. I would LOVE that. I have a couple of dates coming up that I won't be having Noah, because his Daddy will have him. I will call you and let you know!!!!

Cathy said...

Yup, that's my idea of a fantastic vacation. The area is gorgeous and your photos are terrific.

Debbie said...

Whooo hoo...that looked like fun Kris...what a beautiful place...WOW, I would have been one of the ones scared to jump off those cliffs too.