Saturday, August 21, 2010

Halibut Dinner

I was so busy cooking that I didn't get good photos for this post, but it was too yummy not to share anyways.
My son Drew called the other day and and said he missed his Mama's cooking.  We made plans for him to come to dinner on Friday night.  So he and his lovely girlfriend Diana came over and we had planned to bbq some nice halibut and all the trimmings.
We did the halibut differently than we have ever done before.   I did the halibut in foil packages.  Lay fish onto foil, cover each piece with two pieces of bacon, sliced lemons and sliced onions.  Oh, season fish with lemon pepper or whatever you like, then cover with bacon, and lemon and onion.  This is such an easy and clean way to cook fish on the grill.  The smell is out of this world while it is cooking.  The bacon in combination with the mesquite wood is just wonderful.  The result of cooking the fish this way, is more that of a poached fish, than a grilled fish texture.  But equally as delicious!
I had intended to buy corn to make grilled lime cilantro corn, but I forgot it at Henry's.  So I just picked a couple zucchini and yellow squash, and we grilled those on the bbq too.  I made a yummy new salad to go with it.  I had a similar salad the other night at a party, and it was so tasty, I wanted to make one too, although mine was quite different, one of the ingredients that stood out to me was the granny smith apples.  I sliced these matchstick thin, and the subtle flavor it added to this salad was delicious.  I used equal parts of chopped romaine, and baby spring mix lettuce.  To this I also added, thin slices of English cucumber, thinly sliced red onion, crumbled feta cheese,  granny smith matchsticks, candied pecans, the last few pieces of bacon from the package that I didn't  use for the fish, I fried up and crumbled onto the salad too.  (hint: cut your bacon pieces up into small pieces BEFORE you put it in the pan to fry, and it fries up real fast, and then just remove it with slotted spoon, and drain before adding to salad. ) I used garlic bagel toasts, broken up instead of croutons, and then ;used a raspberry vinaigrette to dress it.  SO YUMMY!!!  You could add a grilled chicken breast cut up to this and make it a meal.
This had already been partially devoured so it isn't as pretty.  But you get the idea.
I toy with the idea of giving cooking classes here at my house one day.  My Mom and I love to take cooking classes.  We have gone to a lady in Orange County to take a class.  She does them in her own home.  Keeps the classes very small.  Demonstrates the cooking, and then the class all sits down together to enjoy the meal that was prepared.  She gives all the recipes to the students to take home.  I would like to do something for newly marrieds, and/or just newly independent young people, who want to learn some basic cooking skills in their own first place.  I would also like to somehow incorporate teaching the proper way to set a table, etc.  And I am always surprised to learn how many people, my age even, who don't know how to chop an onion.  This is all just in the "thinking about it" stages.  But any thoughts and ideas are most welcome.  I would love to know what it is that folks would like to learn how to do in the way of cooking.  How about:  Thanksgiving dinner 101?  That would be so fun to do.  Teach how to prepare and cook a turkey and all the trimmings!
Today, we are grilling pizza with NAAN bread.  Stay tuned.
Bon Appetit!


The Garden Bell said...

As always, it's a treat to pop by and see what's for dinner. Yum.

We still are on Window{7} actually, as we support the Senior in our family and don't want to switch them at 80s over to Mac right now.

I love my Macro. If you are looking to get one go for the higher 100mg out of the blocks. From all the research we did, most people eventually bump up quickly.

Have a great weekend,

Grammee Linda said...

I don't eat fish but my son and DIL do all the time. I have to send him a link to this!

if you were closer, I'd come to cooking lessons there!!!

Stay cool!!

~Niki~ said...

Can I come for dinn dinn next time? lol.

Debbie said...

Oh I always love seeing what was for dinner too. This looks WONDERFUL and I love Halibut. We grill veggies on the grill too. Soo yummy that way. Cooking classes would be wonderful for you. I'd love to be on it, but then I'd eat everything and somewhere somehow someday I have to get a grip, haha Have a wonderful week-end Kris.

Katie said...

I think that a Dinner Club/Cooking Class right out of your kitchen would be a lot of fun for young & more mature folks! Over the years I have taken classes here and there at local markets that are set up for classes and it's so much Fun, especially learning different dishes that are well known to that state!!!

Lauri said...

i love the idea of cooking classes. You'd be the perfect person to do that. I also like the idea of table setting--that is becoming a lost art and it adds so much to a meal. DO IT!!!

Genn said...

I think if you really wanted to do the cooking classes you would soar with it! Your classes would no doubt sell out every time! Several of my friends have asked me before "so when is your mom gonna start teaching classes?" and I would love to take your classes! Thanksgiving 101 sounds like a great class to start with too! I'd love that class. Do it! Do it!

PS- Good looking halibut.

Amy said...

I would love to take your classes! Your food always looks so good :)

Pammy Sue said...

YUM! All of this looks great. I just copied and pasted the halibut and salad how-to parts. I'll have to give this a try.

Posy Linda said...

Great idea Kris. A cooking class with a little how to shop expedition would be so fun.

Diane said...

It's it, do it!!


Larissa said...

You guys sure do eat good at your house! Looks fantastic!

Amber said...

ohhh Kris!Please DO it! I would love to do Thanksgiving 101 and any other class you'd be wiling to teach.

Ive considered taking classes at Sir la Table but I really like the idea of an in home class.

I am soo desperate to learn. Im not sure how, but learning how to cook is something I missed out on. NOw trying to prepare a meal (especially something healty)for my family makes me crazy. If I have to eat another chicken, rice and veggie meal again I might just....