Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello From Big Bear

We are having a great time up here in the mountains! We have been cruising the lake, fishing and even catching some nice sized trout! We have been eating a lot!!! Visiting some new restaurants and finding a couple real gems. We have had some fun visitors! Ducey is a great mountain dog. Today we took the sky chair up to the top of snow summit and hiked around and enjoyed the scenery. I have gotten some terrific photos. Tomorrow we are taking the kayak out.
Just wanted to pop in to say hi from up here in the pines. We will be home in a few days.


Posy Linda said...

Kris, I'm so pleased to hear that you and the family are enjoying such happy times. Looking forward to seeing some photos. Enjoy enjoy!!

Debbie said...

How wonderful this sounds...ENJOY

Genn said...

Hope you are enjoying yourselves.
Can't wait to see your pics.

Linda said...

Have fun!

The Garden Bell said...

What's that I smell.... clean, fresh, humid-free, mountain air....sooooo, jealous. Have a great time and soak it all in. Sure hope you are taking lots and lots of pics to share when you get back.