Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Grand Girls

I had a surprise visit from my granddaughters this afternoon!   We did some arts and crafts.
First we colored some shrinky dinks, and made a necklace.  Claire is wearing the necklace, although you can't really see it.
Then we got out the play doh.  Hannah made some pizza and a cherry pie.  Look at that darling hair do!
She was very serious with her play doh skills.
But I did get one coy smile.
Little Claire made soup with her play doh, and then tried to eat a bite!
And she gave me a little smile too.
Oh how I love these girls!!!!! 


~Niki~ said...

love the brown eyes and blond hair! such sweetie pies!

Mrs. G said...

They are getting so big.. So precious!

Linda said...

Just adorable! Don't you just love being a grandma?!

The Garden Bell said...

I couln't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than crafting with a little one so cute. What a great day this must have been.


P.S. Yes, we are spread out from coast to coast and mountains of CO to the beaches of FL. That's why it's crazy...

Posy Linda said...

You have such pretty little granddaughters! It's fun to see them having a great time.

Katie said...

What Fun!

Happy Anniversary too!

Pam said...

What beauties!