Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hanky, Hooky And Harmony

HANKY, because I have had a horrible cold this week. Along with a raw nose from all the blowing. Hooky, because I have been working on this monster, that still has about 20 more rows to go til finished.
 I have also been turning out the knitted wash/dish cloths.  I think I am ready to learn a new stitch now.
Mr. G is up in Seattle again this week, so my son Drew has been staying with me so I don't get scared!!!
Drew is a musician, so there has been lots of music in the house.  I looked out the window this afternoon and saw Drew and his buddy Jim sitting out front playing.  I had to take a picture.
With all the places to sit in our front yard, I have no idea why they were sitting there!!
I love the way the sunlight is streaming down the top of this photo.  I love that I am feeling better today.  I love that in two more days, Mr. G will be home.  Most of all, tonight, I love that every single one of the Chilean miners have been brought to safety!!!!


Genn said...

Awww, cute pics of Drew and Jimmy! Or is it Jim now?

Love the sun streaming in the last picture too.
Love the angle of the first picture! It is really neat.

SO happy for the Chileans who have all been safely rescued too! It is an amazing story.

Katie said...

Your Afghan really looks Fantastic!!

Sorry Mr. G is away, but we really enjoyed seeing him and Donavon tonight at dinner!!!

That is awfully sweet that Drew is keeping you company & glad your cold is on the mends!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a musician thing - my husband plays the guitar too and often has sat outside in the garden playing his guitar. Our neighbours' initial reaction was that they thought he was a bit of a crazy hippy but they're used to it now thankfully!

Debbie said...

Your afghan is coming along quite nicely and looks soo pretty. I love it. I also love that your son came to keep you company and safe. = ) And finally I love that the nasty cold is FINALLY gettig better. I am afraid I am fighting one off now. sigh....Have a wonderful day Kris!

Anonymous said...

Kris...those guys needed to lay out a cowboy had for tips! ;-D

I'm with you, so happy the miners are free!!☺

Faith said... is right...that's a lot of moving of the kind of day. Hope your Mr. arrives home safely, and that you are feeling better...some nice music the boys played will help is a nice picture...thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Love that "hooky" are a pro! Isn't that miner story just amazing!! Goosebumps, really. Hope you have less and less hankies today!

Yeah, for boys that will come home and babysit their mamas:)

~Niki~ said...

those pictures are great !
love your son and friend on the curb. lol. men. your stripey blankie is coming along~ i think you've passed me. yours is much much longer than mine. i think i'm going the opposite way though, meaning, i'm making mine longer on the horizontal~if that makes sense. sorry to hear you are feeling blah still. love your cozy looking kitchen chairs! i wanna come over ;) for cafe!

Cathy said...

Love your photos, Kris. It's so sweet that your son came to stay with you. The rescue of the miners is a miracle. At the beginning I didn't believe it was possible.

kasthurirajam said...

nice pictures